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Mantus Portable SCUBA Set

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  • Mantus portable scuba setup for boaters
  • Super light and easy to handle
  • Light weight and comfortable harness
  • Great for checking or clearing the prop
  • With included wet gear backpack case shown
  • High Quality Primary and Secondary Regulators
  • High Quality Octopus



The perfect solution to ensure your SCUBA gear is always readily available, no matter how much space you need to conserve.  All at a price that simply can't be beat!  

This all-in-one, and one-size fits-all, dive kit conveniently fits into the included poly-coated wet gear backpack, which is also equipped with a waterproof storage compartment.   The full set is ultra compact, and weighs in at roughly 15 pounds to make lugging around heavy SCUBA tanks and bulky dive equipment a worry of the past.  


  • High quality First Stage Yoke Piston Regulator - up to 3,500 PSI working pressure 
  • High quality Second Stage Regulator Main with Silicone Mouthpiece
  • High quality Second Stage Regulator Octopus Spare with Silicone Mouthpiece
  • Underwater Pressure Gauge
  • Ergonomic and Lightweight Tank Apparatus
  • Velco closure weight pocket for buoyancy adjustment using dive weights
  • 3,000 PSI, 2 Liter Aluminum Tank (up to 30 minutes of dive time at less than 30 foot depths)
  • 50 Liter Wet Gear Backpack with Waterproof Compartment
  • Very high-quality components

This set is perfect for releasing a stubborn anchor, fishing lines caught in the prop, cleaning under the waterline, or getting a closer look at holding ground, or other things of interest.  Why debate on lugging around multiple bits of heavy gear when you can have a compact solution on hand?  Every cruiser should have at least one of these on board.  

Comments from our founder Jeff, our resident cruising sailor and Scuba diver for more than 37 years: 

I've been lugging around and storing heavy Scuba tanks and dive gear on my boat for many for years.  The fact is, the gear on the boat mainly gets used for quick situational diving, at relatively shallow depths, rather than for the traditional "dive trip".  I have to dig it out of the depths of the lazarette, and then spend precious time getting it all ready. My traditional gear is heavy and unbalanced, and I struggle to stand upright on the heaving deck. All for just a quick check on the anchor, to retreive a lost item, a bit of spear fishing, or to cut a line away from the prop.  The Mantus system is perfect for these situations, and it can justify itself the first time it is really needed.  I've considered hookahs and other similar dive contraptions for the boat, but they all end up either taking up more space, or cost more money.  

The most common questions we get about this system center around the components, and whether or not a Buoyancy Compensation Device (BCD) is included.  While a BCD has now become a ubiquitous piece of dive gear, the main purpose of a BCD (in conjunction with a weight belt) is to help compensate for the buoyancy variations as the air in the tank is used up, or as the depth changes (wet suit compresses, etc.).  A typical cylinder varies by about 7 pounds as the air is used up.  The BCD and weights are normally used to help compensate for this big range of buoyancy.  Our tiny tank, and minimum dive depths mean that the buoyancy varies by less than 1.5 pounds as the air is used up. So, while you gain some buoyancy at the end of the dive, it is very minor.  Of course, before any Scuba dive, you should always check and adjust your buoyancy.  A horse-collar type inflatable snorkel vest should be worn if you need additional buoyancy, or for additional safety. 

All of the Mantus Scuba components are first rate, and manufactured by one of the world's largest Scuba component companies.  While these components are manufactured exclusively for Mantus, the first and second stage regulators, tank, and pressure gauge are all serviceable and re-buildable at any Scuba shop world-wide.

I love this thing, and you just won't believe how often it comes in handy onboard.

NOTE: Recognized SCUBA Certification is required for safe use of this product, and for filling the tank.  This system is designed to allow for portable, quick, and easy access underwater on a temporary basis, and is not designed to be used as a replacement for general recreational SCUBA diving. 

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