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LED Retrofit Bulbs for Nav Lights

Retrofitting your existing incandescent fixtures with LED bulbs has never been easier.  The fact is that LED lights are brighter, use 85% less energy, and are more likely to be operational than incandescent bulbs.  They also don't suffer from lumen depreciation like the power hungry filament bulbs either.  They remain at full brightness and are operational from 10V to 30VDC.  Our multi-volt LED bulbs are not polarity sensitive, have very low EMI, and have our Marinebeam 2 year warranty and our 100% satisfaction guarantee for 30 days.

Refitting the bulbs is easy, but sometimes selecting the right bulb is not, so don't be shy --feel free to contact our experts by phone or send us a pic of your current bulb(s), and we will be happy to help.