Salt Water Soap & Shampoo

Salt Water Soap & Shampoo

Posted by Marinebeam on 7th May 2020

For those that haven't tried our Savon de Mer salt water soap, shampoo and body wash, it is now available at fantastic price, and you are guaranteed to love it.  It is great for use in salt or fresh water, for dive gear, or after a quick dip or snorkel.   It will leave your feeling fresh and clean like you bathed in fresh water.

A recent customer was so enthusiastic about it she dubbed it "unicorn tears", and now many of the popular charter fleets are now making it a permanent part of their cruising kit.

Saving water is always a priority when cruising, and Savon de Mer is a great way to save your precious water.  Just take a quick dip, lather up with Savon de Mer, rinse and towel dry.   It leaves your skin soft and your hair tangle free. 

Get yours today.