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Cristec YPower Automatic Battery Charger

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  • Cristec YPower Advanced Battery Charger
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Cristec YPower 5th Generation Battery Charger - 5-step charging profile.  Replaces the Cristec CPS3 chargers.

The latest generation of marine battery charging. 

Available with an optional remote-mount color touchscreen for reviewing battery status, charge status, and AC and DC voltage, etc. 

We went looking for advanced battery chargers, and stopped looking when we found Cristec.  As is turns out, Cristec, which has been around since 1983, has been producing advanced battery chargers for the OEM boat builders in Europe (Beneteau, Jeanneau, Wauquiez, Lagoon, etc) for years.  The YPower line, the 5th generation, is the most advanced yet. 

Cristec is the recreational marine division of the ENAG group, which has been building power conversion systems for industry, defense, rail, and commercial marine systems for more than 70 years.  

The 12V models we stock are the 16A, 25A, 40A and 60A models, and the 24V model we stock is the 20A.  Other models by rapid special order.  We also now offer the Cristec HPower line, with amperages up to 90A in 12V, and 100A in 24V.

The general rule-of-thumb is to size the charger based on your main battery bank size.  The charger should be sized so that its maximum amperage is approximately 10% of the total Amp/Hour capacity of the battery bank being charged.  So, as an example, a 25A charger would be the correct selection for a bank between 200 and 300 Amp/Hours in capacity.

YPower Innovations:

  • 1 Enables installation in the living areas
  • 2 External AC and DC connectors supplied, only a screwdriver is required
  • 3 Automatic Refresh to prevent sulfation/electrolyte stratification, and ‘re-Boost’ if battery demand needs it
  • 4 AGM, Gel, Vented Wet Cells, Calcium Lead, Spiral Lead, Lithium Ion Iron Phosphate, etc.
  • 5 3 independent outputs, each with full current output and built-in ‘no voltage drop’ isolator
  • 6 Enables installation in engine room or confined spaces

What makes the Cristec YPower Charger so special:

 1.  It is completely automatic and autonomous

 2.  It has 5 advanced charging steps - Boost (Bulk), Absorption, Float, Automatic Refresh (de-sulfate/de-stratification) and Reboost.  

 3.  Adaptive Charging: User-Selectable for Lead-Acid, Gel, VRLA, Calcium, Lithium/LiFePO4 (or other custom chemistries - by factory software setting)

 4.  Three (3) automatic and isolated battery bank outputs included, using MOSFET no -voltage-drop technology

 5.  CANBUS Interface option (for transferring control and data display to other devices)

 6.  Stackable and scalable.  Multiple units can be combined to increase output.  Great for current-hungry Lithium systems.

 7.  Completely silent.  No cooling fans, buzzing, etc (25A & 40A models)

 8.  Auto-ranging International power compatibility.   90VAC to 265VAC (single phase 50/60Hz) input, 5 -stage 12V battery charging profile output

 9.  Can function as an independent AC-DC power supply - can provide full power without any batteries connected, or boost battery power when needed

10. Optional temperature probe to vary charging parameters based on battery compartment temperature.  We highly recommend it.  It will help preserve your batteries, and extend their life.  (click the link or see the related product pages below)

11. Optional remote-mount color touchscreen display, provides data on charging, current, stage, voltage (AC/DC), frequency (AC), etc.

Find the detailed product brochure here

Optional Color Touchscreen for remote data display

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