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Cristec YPower Battery Temperature Sensor

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Battery Compartment Temperature Sensor Probe for use with all Cristec YPower Battery Chargers (12V or 24V), including the DC/DC Chargers.  Contact us for sensors for other model Cristec chargers.

Plug-and-play battery compartment temperature sensor probe connects to YPower chargers and automatically adjusts the battery charging setpoints to compensate for temperature.  As the temperature goes up, the charging voltage is reduced to avoid damaging the batteries in hot environs.

The probe connects to the battery cable via its 2.8 meter long cable and to the charger with its modular plug-in MSTB type connector plug.  

It measures the ambient battery compartment temperature, and automatically adjusts the set point by -18mV/°C for 12V system, and by -36mV/°C for a 24V system.  Most battery manufacturers recommend lowering the voltage, especially float voltage, to compensate for temperature.  As an example, the Cristec charger set up for charging a 12V AGM battery, will deliver approximately 13.5V vs 13.8V during float when the temperature is 30° C.

Includes probe complete with 2.8M cable, and 2 zip tie connectors.

NOTE: If ordering for an existing Cristec YPower Series Charger, please note the revision number on your charger's label.  The label suffix will indicate N1, N2, N3, etc.

If you have a N1, N2 suffix, you will need the STP-5M (CAT5 style connector).  If you are purchasing a new charger from Marinebeam along with a cable, the STP-NEW-2.8 (two-prong connector) is the correct cable.

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