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Cristec Intelligent MOSFET Battery Isolator


Cristec Intelligent MOSFET Battery Isolator

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Product Description

These Cristec electronic battery isolators allow multiple banks of 12V batteries (or 24V batteries) to be automatically tied together for charging, but then will automatically prevent the current from flowing from one battery bank to another.  This isolator replaces the battery switch, and does the switching automatically, so you never have fiddle with a switch, or worry about which battery is charging.   This smart FET-based isolator always charges the lowest bank first, and keeps managing the batteries until they are all charged.  


This Isolator also has an automatic voltage sensing function, so can work with 12VDC or 24VDC systems.


Most battery isolators use diode splitters, and therefore suffer from an unwanted voltage drop.  The Cristec RCE Series uses MOSFET (MOS Field-Effect Transistors), which don't have a voltage drop like diodes do.   With a voltage drop of less than 0.05V, Cristec Isolators dissipate 30x less wattage in the form of heat than traditional diode designs (due to voltage drop).


Some modern automotive type alternators have an micro-processor controlled internal voltage regulator which requires a minimum of 8VDC at start up in order to power-up and function properly.   Fear not, because the Cristec Isolators have a special isolated excitation "IG" terminal, which, when conected to the ignition switch power, feeds current-regulated power to the B+ terminal on these types of alternators for the initial excitement and power-up.

Cristec Isolators are available in 100A, 150A and 200A, with 2 or 3 outputs.  Select option using the dropdown box above.  We can also provide custom units with 2 inputs and 3 Outputs.

We stock Cristec RCE/100-1E-2IG, RCE/100-1E-3IG, RCE/150-1E-2IG, RCE 150-1E-3IG and the RCE-200-1E-3IG.  Other models by special order.


General Characteristics

  • Type : MOSFET isolator
  • For a complete and fast charge of 2 or 3 battery banks (choose option)
  • Operating in 12V or 24V, from any energy source : alternator, wind generator, solar-panels, battery charger, etc.
  • Integrated alternator terminal (provides current-limited power to alternator B+  terminal with ignition switch on)
  • Connection : (+) battery on threaded posts,  (-) battery on Faston terminal on minus common (reference)
  • Operation indicator (alternator output voltage presence)
  • Operating temperature : -40°C/+85°C
  • Cooling : natural convection
  • Standards : EN 50081-1 (emission) ; EN 50082-1 (immunity) ;EN 60950-1 (safety)


Manufacturer Cristec
Basic spec MOSFET Battery Isolator, voltage drop free
Weight (lbs) 1.8
Input voltage (VDC) 12/24 VDC
Input voltage range (VDC) 8 - 30VDC
Charge current max. (A) 150 or 200A (choose option)
Input number 1
Battery banks 2 or 3 (choose option)
Voltage drop @ 10A/20A (V) 0.05 / 0.1
Consumption (mA) 0
Operating temp. range -40°C up to +85°C
Dimensions 146mm x 85mm x 92mm (or 152mm for 200A)
Nominal voltage 12 or 24V Automatically detected
Insulation to ground >500V @ 60Hz
Warranty 2 years



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