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Cristec Advanced Touch Screen Battery Monitor

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  • 3.5" Touch Screen for Cristec Battery Monitor System with 300A Shunt
  • LINbus Shunt


Brand new from Cristec - the 3.5" Touch Screen Advanced Battery Monitor for 12V, 24V, and 48V systems!

This advanced battery monitor system has been designed for users that require a very clear picture of their DC energy use, storage capacity and production.  This monitor provides both realtime and historical consumption and production/charging data from up to 3 battery banks or DC power generation sources, plus voltage readings for up to 3 more batteries. 

The system is built around a device-level LINbus network, with individual measurement nodes for each device communicating their status over the network  This networked system can track all of the information to ensure that your boat's DC power is managed meticulously.  Nodes can easily be configured for monitoring charging sources, such as wind generators, alternators, and solar panels (Energy Mode), as well as for individual battery banks (Charging Mode).  The boat's various charging sources, as well as power consumption drawn from the batteries, can now easily be viewed from one simple interface.  Having networked shunts eliminates the typical problem of "net-amps" when viewing data on a standard battery monitor, where everything passes through one shunt.  Now you can separately look at the individual contributions of your charging sources, or current draw from individual banks.  

The main screen shows at-a-glance the overview data of the house bank batteries (voltage, current, remaining capacity and time) as well as the voltage of a pre-selected additional battery (i.e. engine starting, bow thruster, etc.).  The 3.5" bright color touch display enables you to easily drill down, or page through screens, to see more specific data, or historical data.

Using an active high-precision networked 300A shunt, historic logs are kept of battery consumption, discharge depth, unavailable battery capacity, and charge/discharge cycles to provide the most accurate information about your boat's power bank.  Peukert's calculations and compensation are done automatically, according to the battery chemistry, so there are no worries about inaccurate battery capacity values. This device is not a simple amp-hour counter. 

Up to two additional shunts can be utilized to monitor separate battery banks or power generation sources (solar or wind power). Each additional shunt will also allow the user another voltage measure (i.e. bow thruster battery).   


  • 88mm x 88mm cutout for installation
  • 105mm (W) x 105mm (H) x 40mm (D)

The basic package includes:

• Battery Monitor 3,5’’ (Ref. SEEL017151)

• 300 Amps shunt (Ref. SEEL017152)

• 3 poles plug-in connector for monitor supply (Phoenix Contact MVSTBR 2,5/ 2-ST – 1792016)

• 2 poles plug-in connector for relay (Phoenix Contact MVSTBR 2,5/ 3-ST – 1792029)

• 6 poles plug-in connector for shunt (Phoenix Contact MCVR 1,5/6-ST-3,5 – 1863194)

• Red plus lead (+1 main voltage line) with M10 round terminal + fuse holder with fuse 1A, length 20cm

• Red plus lead (+2 additional voltage line) with M10 round terminal + fuse holder with fuse 1A, length 20cm

• Fuse holder with fuse 1A for Battery Monitor supply

• 4 screws

• User manual

Optional accessories (not included):

• Temperature probe (Ref. STP-NEW-2.8 or STP-NEW-5.0)

• Additional 300 Amps shunt (Ref. SHUNT-300-3.5)

• Quick startup wiring kit (Ref. SEEL017153)


Additional information regarding installation and use can be found below.

Instruction Manual

Data Sheet

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