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Cristec SOLO Pure Sine Wave 800W Inverter

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Cristec Solo Inverters

This Solo pure sine-wave inverter converts 12 Volt DC into 115VAC 60Hz alternating current to enable the user to power their television, laptop, microwave or any other AC mains equipment.  1000W and 2000W models and 24V and 230VAC models are also available.  Perfect for the most sensitive electronics.

Unlike specifications of the other inverter manufacturers, when CRISTEC specs refer to 800W (800VA) that means constant power, not peak power.  This 12V/800W inverter can deliver 800VA continuously, 1,000VA for 30 minutes, or 2,200VA for 5 seconds.   Compare those specs to any other inverter at any price!

If you are seriously considering a high-quality and high-power marine inverter, you should seriously consider the SOLO 800W from Cristec.  Cristec has been building military grade power equipment for more than 40 years, and is a leader in marine OEM battery chargers, Inverters and battery monitors.  These are the same OEM inverters used by Beneteau, Lagoon, Wasquiez, Jeanneau, and other European builders.

The SOLO inverters are a professional grade device which deliver a true sinusoïdal wave identical to (and sometimes better than) power delivered by the shoreside electrical grid.  This pure sine wave signal type enables a wide scope of applications: computing equipment, lighting, television, stereo equipment, domestic equipment, etc.

These inverters have been specially designed to withstand to high current peak in starting transient phase such as in microwaves, electric tools, compressor, etc.


  • 800VA (800W), 12 Volts input, 115VAC/60Hz true sinewave output (24V and 230VAC models are also available)
  • Overload capacity for starting surges
  • High efficiency (>90%)
  • Low stand-by consumption
  • Battery protection with stop on low voltage
  • Fuse integrated protection
  • Protected against overload & heating
  • Designed for the marine environment
  • Dimensions: 16.8" x  5.6" x 3.3
  • Weight: 19 Lbs.
  • Optional Remote Control (on/off) available (SEEL007130)

Solo Inverters provide a true "Sinewave" output identical to normal mains supply, have a high overload capacity for starting surges, and are over 90% efficient.

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