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4-1/2" PAR36 LED Spreader Light Sealed Beam

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  • Flood Beam 18W Marinebeam Spreader Light
  • Stainless Steel Spreader Light Fixture (not included) with Marinebeam PAR36 Bulb
  • Marinebeam Spreader Light PAR36 Dimensions
  • Combo Beam (4 Spot/4 Flood) Marinebeam Spreader Light 18W
  • LED Spreader Light 18W Spot


This new 4th generation LED sealed-beam replacement replaces the traditional type 4.5" PAR 36 spreader light bulbs used in the typical PVC, rubber and Stainless Steel housings.  It also replaces the 35W, 55W and 100W GE H7606 halogen type sealed-beams found in Aqua-Signal Series 41 Masthead/Foredeck lamps. 

This is the LED sealed beam replacement (bulb). If you are interested in the complete stainless steel classic spreader light fixture, with sealed beam bulb, click here

LEDs: CREE LED emitters
Input Voltage: 9VDC - 32VDC
Wattage: 13-18 Watts
Amperage: 1.08-1.56A at 12VDC
Beam Angle: 25° Spot, 60° Flood, or Combination
Color Temperature: 6,000°K (Cool White) or 3,000°K (Warm White)
Output: 1,200 to 1,800 Lumens (option dependent)
IP Rating: IP67
Mount Type: PAR36 , AR111, Sealed Beam Housing
Dimensions: 4-1/2" Diameter x 2" Depth
Dimmable: Via PWM
Lifetime 35,000 hours


High-output and super efficient LED replacement for traditional glass sealed beam PAR36 bulbs in 12V or 24V DC applications. This type of 4.5" PAR36 sealed-beam LED bulb is used in spreader lights, utility lights, tractor headlights, aircraft landing lights, fueling lights, landscape lights, etc. Generally known as 4-1/2" sealed beam lamps, PAR36, or AR111 bulbs.  

Our LED spreader lamp features the latest US-made CREE LEDs for superior output to replace 55W to 150W halogens. This light is designed with a very similar appearance to a classic glass sealed-beam with the latest LED emitters, an impact-resistant clear polycarbonate lens, and integrated constant-current electronics. You are guaranteed not to be disappointed. Typical General Electric incandescent sealed-beam produces about 6.6 Lumens per Watt, while these LED sealed beams make about 100 Lumens per Watt, with less heat. Choose between the 13W and 18W output in various beam angles, or the Warm White option with 1,250 Lumens (100W+ Equivalent). This bulb has plenty of power to light up the deck, even with the tallest rigs.

Available in Spot (25°), Flood (60°) beam, or combination Flood/Spot beam. The spot beam provides an intense beam on the deck for higher mounting, while the flood provides a more muted diffused beam that covers a larger area.  

Beam Angle Calculator (Click Here)

  • Clear polycarbonate (Lexan) lens, aluminum body
  • Standard 1/4"(6.35mm) spade terminals (marked + and -)
  • Available in Spot (25°) 9,198 Max Candela, or Flood (60°) 1,674 Max Candela beam
  • 12V or 24VDC input
  • Integrated constant-current electronics for the longest life
  • GORE type vent membrane on back equalizes pressure while blocking water and other contaminants. Improves performance and service life

 If used in tractors, airplanes, motorcycles, or farm equipment, this lamp replaces these OEM part numbers (among others):

Allis Chalmers: 70239804
John Deere: AF3892R, AT25451, RE336111, RE285628, RE561116, RE561117
Case: A11280, D71409, D70115, 373662R1, 373662R91
Caterpillar: 7T-1371, 7G-9319, 6N-7987
GE 7606, GE H7606
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