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Scheiber Light Air Switch - Wireless and Battery Free Control System

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  • Scheiber Light Air Switch energy-harvesting dimmer and lighting control for LED lights
  • Example of wiring layout
  • Light Air Switch work on DC systems or AC system using an AC/DC converter
  • Light Air Switch Antenna Module



This Light Air Switch kit by Scheiber includes everything you need to control and dim up to 6-circuits of LED lights on 12VDC or 24VDC systems.  It also includes integrated circuit protection, PWM dimming, and CAN bus networking for easy expansion and connectivity.  With this kit, it couldn't be simpler to implement and control your boat's lighting systems.  Because most LED lights are actually DC-powered, it also work great in offices, homes, and cabins.  Easily expandable to accommodate more lighting circuits by adding more lighting modules. 

The Light Air Switch kit uses wireless and battery-less wall mounted kinetic switches to wirelessly control your connected lights via a digital switching lighting control module. This gives you the absolute freedom to mount switches anywhere on-board, without worrying about the routing of wiring, adding fuses, buying dimmers, or drilling holes in bulkheads, etc.  Your lights are easily paired with a switch, or multiple switches, with the press of a button, making 3-way switching and other creative lighting schemes easy.  No programming required.  Want to add another switch, or control multiple channels of lights with a single switch? Easy, and it takes less than a minute.

This is the same system used by major boat-builders and RV manufacturers worldwide, but its components are conveniently packaged in a complete kit.  Perfect for vessel re-fits, up-fits, new boats, RVs, off-gridders, and tiny homes.  

The Light Air Switch kit can control up to 6 separate lighting circuits of up to 5A each (20A max. per module).  Using LED lights, this translates into about 20 individual 3W LED lighting fixtures per circuit, or up to 80 fixtures per module.  Built-in current sensing electronics eliminate the need for additional circuit protection on the lighting outputs, such as fuses or breakers.  The module can accept either 12VDC or 24VDC power, and then distribute the power to the 6 individual lighting circuits.  If doing a lighting re-fit, or starting from scratch, this system saves a tremendous amount of hassle and man-hours. 

Setting up the system couldn't be simpler.  Once the lighting module is connected to power and to your lighting circuit(s), the pairing of the switches can begin.  You simply press the (L)earn button on the module face, and your first channel of lights will begin flashing, thus indicating that this channel is waiting to be paired with a switch (or multiple switches).  To pair a switch, you simple press the switch's rocker ON, and then OFF.  The lights will signify the completion after both actions by flashing again. Done!  You have programmed channel #1.  You can now control and dim the group of lights on this circuit by using the paired switch.  Pressing the (L) button again takes you to the next channel for pairing.  You can also pair another switch on the same channel by repeating the ON/OFF button selection while the lights on that channel are still flashing.  Want multiple channels controlled all from one switch for convenience or security? Easy. After pairing your switches for each circuit, add another switch and pair it for all 6 channels.  You now have a single switch that lights your way to the companionway, or works as a panic button to activate all of your lights on-board. See our downloadable starting guide here.

The system offered here also comes standard with CAN networking to allow connectivity to other optional Scheiber modules and other third-party modules.  Scheiber modules include touch screens, tank monitoring, battery monitoring, AC and Genset switching and starting, and other DC device switching modules.  The Scheiber system is compatible with HVAC systems from Webasto, and Dometic, as well as Super B and Epsilor LiFePO batteries, and Cristec, Dolphin, and TBB chargers.  If you are refitting a complete boat, you may wish to consider the Scheiber systems. 

Quick-fit Pico connectors eliminate the need for crimping individual terminals on the connector blocks. Just strip the wire ends and insert. The connector blocks now function like traditional connector plug. 

The offered kit includes:

(1) Lighting Control Module

(1) 2.4Ghz Receiver/CAN Gateway

(1) 1 meter CAN cable (longer lengths are available upon request)

(2) CAN terminators (used to terminate the ends of the CAN network chain)

(9) PicoMax Connectors 

(1) White Housing 1-Button Kinetic Switch (can accomplish 2 switching actuations)

(1) White Housing 2-Button Kinetic Switch (can accomplish 4 switching actuations)

OEM builders like Lagoon, Jeanneau, Monte-Carlo, Prestige, CNB, Beneteau, and Pilote choose the robust Scheiber network to save design, materials, troubleshooting time, and manufacturing man-hours.  You will save time and money too.

The Light Air Switch System eliminates:

  • Lighting circuit protection (individual breakers and fuses) on the lighting circuits 
  • Wire routing for switches through hard-to-access spaces
  • Up front layout decisions
  • Tens of meters of copper wiring 
  • Point-to-point switch connections and crimps
  • Permanent holes in bulkheads and panels
  • Fixed lighting and switching locations and schemes (switches are easily paired with a touch of a button)
  • The need to add additional dimmers and power connections for PWM dimmer

 Each 2.4GHz switch communicates wirelessly (up to 20 meters indoors) to the centrally located antenna.  Longer distances are easily accommodated using addition networked antenna modules.

Please feel free to contact us for addition options, or with any questions you might have.

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1 Review

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    Posted by JimH on 24th Oct 2019

    I was able to easily add wireless dimming control to six LED circuits on my Ranger Tug...
    The system was very easy to install/program and did not require any additional wires be run to the lights... Highly recommend!

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