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High-Line 24" LED Fluorescent Replacement Fixture

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This is our 24" fluorescent replacement LED Strip light fixture which comes prefitted with our 102-LED F15T8 LED bulb.

It is brighter than a standard 15W fluorescent fixture, and uses less than half the power.  All at a price comparable with fluorescent fixtures.

An attractive and economical fixture, it will compliment any 12VDC or 24VDC Recreational Vehicle or Boat. Makes an excellent overhead or galley light, and is a customer favorite for engine rooms and passageways.

Each light is constructed of heat-resistant, high-impact white ABS. The translucent acrylic, shadow-free lens snaps in and out for easy cleaning.

Marinebeam's T8 LED tube fixtures produce no hum or radio interference like fluorescents do, and they start-up instantly at full-brightness in cold weather. There is also no ballast to fail!

The Marinebeam F15T8 102-LED bulb (included) features our Constant-Current chipset, so works on either 12VDC or 24VDC (10-30VDC range).

  • 10-30VDC
  • Heavy Duty ON/OFF rocker switch
  • Translucent Acrylic Lens
  • > 650 Lumens (NW)
  • 6W (0.5 Amps at 12VDC)
  • Back or Side Mount Wiring
  • 30,000 hour life
  • approx. 25-1/4" L x 2-9/16" W x x 2" H

NOTE: This is not a standard fluorescent fixture and cannot use fluorescent bulbs.

A recent e-mail from a satisfied customer: I recently received and installed the High-Line 24" LED Fluorescent Replacement Fixture. I purchased this item to replace a 2 tube 16 W florescent fixture in my ATV Trailer. I am absolutely blown away with it’s performance! The light output is noticeably brighter at half the previous current. I am now a believer in LED technology! Thanks. Russ Bell

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