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Cristec HPower High Output Marine Battery Charger

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Cristec HPower High-Output Marine Battery Shore Power Battery Chargers - Replaces and supersedes the previous generation Cristec CPS3 chargers

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Do you have a demanding application for a high quality marine charger for large 12V or 24V battery banks?  Switching to Lithium?


Cristec's new line of 5-stage high-output commercial grade marine battery chargers use the latest in power electronics to allow full performance, even in high temperatures.  No need to derate the charger output when used in confined space or machinery rooms (up to 50° C).  The HPower chargers feature fully automatic 5-stage charging, and auto-AC ranging, so they can be used worldwide at any marina (90 - 265VAC, single phase).  Unique in their ability to automatically sense and distribute full rated power to any one battery bank, or up to three battery banks. 


The 3 outputs are isolated.  The bonus with Cristec chargers is that there is no need for additional expensive battery isolators to separate the banks during or after charging.  The chargers feature built-in intelligent MOSFET isolators for each bank, so the isolation and charging each bank to its full capacity is orchestrated by the charger's microprocessor.  No need to fiddle with battery switches during engine starting or charging.


Cristec has been building high quality battery chargers for military, commercial and recreational marine use for more than 30 years, and these chargers are standard fitment for many of the top boat builders throughout Europe (Beneteau, Jeanneau, Bavaria, Wauquiez, etc.).  Their selection and loyalty is based on the reliability and quality of these chargers, as well as their worldwide distribution network, which includes dealers in more than 50 countries.


The HPower line is the 5th generation of Cristec chargers, and they are designed to work with all marine and deep cycle battery types, including lithium.  The battery type and charging profile is simply selected by the user using DIP switch settings for the one of the following built-in battery profiles:

  • AGM,
  • VRLA
  • Flooded Lead-Acid
  • Gel
  • Calcium
  • Tin
  • Lithium/LiFePo4 
  • DC Power Supply Mode
  • Specific requests

This selection ensures a complete and safe charge to protect the batteries and enable the maximum lifespan.


Many multi-stage chargers follow a simple charging profile based on voltage alone. The Cristec HPower chargers are monitoring time, current, and voltage, as well as temperature (with optional sensor), and providing the correct charging stage and output based on the parameters. 

The 5 stages are:

  • Boost (aka Bulk) - Used when the battery is very depleted ,and therefore can accept the rated current safely.
  • Absorption - Used at the completing of the Boost phase, and is a voltage-regulated phase allowing the battery to reach full charge.
  • Float - A maintenance charge to maintain the charge, while preventing gassing or battery damage.
  • Auto Refresh - An equalization charge which automatically and regularly balances the cells to prevent sulfation, and revitalize batteries.
  • Re-Boost - A short-term Boost charge to recover battery charge after a large load event draws down the battery.

The smart charging profiles are adjusted for different battery types, and this allows the fastest and safest full charge, while maintaining the battery level and protecting from sulfation during day-to-day normal use.


All Cristec chargers can also be paralleled.  This allows up to 4 chargers to operate in parallel  to increase output.  The built-in LIN bus network (optional cable kit) allows the chargers to communicate in real-time for seamless and fully-balanced operation, thereby allowing the multiple paralleled chargers to operate as one.  This feature is great for increasing output in the future or when upgrading to advanced battery chemistries which have a larger acceptance rate (lithium, etc.)


The Cristec HPower chargers come standard with CAN and LIN communication for connection to temperature sensors, the Cristec color touchscreen display,  Battery Management Systems (BMS) used in lithium cells, other Cristec chargers, as well as other boat or RV networks.   


Many smart chargers turn-off when there is no battery present, or if the battery charge is too low.  The Cristec, however, can act as a stand-alone full rating power supply, even in the cases where no batteries are present, or the batteries are unrecoverable.

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