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Cristec DC-DC Battery Charger - 12V input and Multi-Stage 24V output

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  • DC-DC Converter Charger for charging 24V battery bank from 12V source
  • Cristec DC-DC Battery Charger - 12V input and Multi-Stage 24V output


Charge your 24V batteries using your existing 12V charging source

Yes, it is a DC to DC Battery Charger designed to charge a 24V battery bank from a 12V source (or sources).

Many boats need a 24VDC battery charger that runs off of their 12VDC system.  It is becoming more common to have 24VDC batteries running bow thrusters, windlasses, trolling motors, or other large current-draw devices, as well as a 12VDC battery bank supplying the boat's other loads.  This DC-DC Marine Battery Charger solves this problem.

It features a user configurable 5-Stage adjustable charge regulation similar to a shore-power charger, so it is compatible with all marine battery types, including AGM, Flooded, VRLA, Calcium, Lithium, etc.   

This is also a great refit solution for those wanting to install powerful thrusters or windlasses that must be powered by 24V.  Now it is possible to maintain the boat's original 12VDC system while charging the batteries supplying the high current devices via a separate 24VDC battery-powered system.

Rated for marine-duty this step-up DC/DC Converter for boats has galvanically isolated inputs and output, as well as special EMI filtering to eliminate radio frequency noise issues. It is suitable for marine, industrial, military, telecom, and mobile applications.   Very high-quality, Made in France.

Most marine-grade DC/DC Converters are very expensive, very heavy and use very old technology.  Cristec* solves both problems by using the latest in high-quality power-electronics.  

Common usage:

  • Charging 24V Bow-Thruster, Windlass, or Trolling Motor batteries
  • Charging 24V batteries in electric wheel chairs, scooters, e-bikes from a vehicle's 12V supply
  • Charging 24 volt diesel  "jump start" batteries from a 12 volt tow truck or service vehicle.


  • Input voltage : 12VDC (from 10 to 16VDC)
  • Output voltage : 24VDC (from 24 to 32VDC)
  • Max current : 30A
  • 5-step charging curve : Boost, Absorption, Floating, Refresh & Reboost
  • Battery type selection through DIP switches
  • Efficiency : > 90%
  • Ripple : < 1%


- Output :

  • Integrated anti-return device to avoid battery discharge
  • Automatic current limitation

- Input and output :

  •  Against polarity reversal and short-circuit by removable fuses
  •  Against abnormal overheating by cutting off the charger (automatic restart)

- PCB :

  • Water-repellent varnish (for marine environment)


  • Battery compartment temperature compensation probe
  • CAN-Bus interface

Cristec is part of the Enag Group, which is a major supplier of electronics and power systems to the defense, aerospace, marine and commercial markets.




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