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10-32V to 12V DC/DC Converter - LED Driver

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  • 24V to 12VDC converter
  • 10-32V to 12V DC/DC Converter - LED Driver


This is an efficient constant-voltage DC/DC Converter that can be used to create 12VDC from any input voltage from 10-32VDC. Particularly useful on boats and RV's with 12VDC or 24VDC systems that wish to power small electronic devices, instruments, or LED lights at precisely 12VDC. Not recommended for Hatteras 32V system, as they will produce 36V or more during charging. See our Hatteras 32V converter for 32V systems.

Our customers with 24VDC systems use these for powering our 12-17VDC sub-miniature bulbs, as well as other small 12VDC loads.  This is also perfect for 12VDC customers who wish to protect inexpensive resistor-based LED bulbs like LED rope and ribbon lights, which don't commonly have internal current-regulation It is fully IP67 waterproof, so is approved for both indoor and outdoor applications.


  • Plastic housing class III built-in converter
  • Compact size
  • Max. output power:24W
  • Wide input voltage range: 10-32V
  • Constant output voltage
  • Internal open-circuit, short-circuit, overload and over-heat protection
  • Efficiency>=90% (DC32V input, full load)
  • IP67 design for indoor or outdoor installations
  • Complies with latest safety and EMC standard.

Easy to Install:

This compact device is placed in-line after your circuit-breaker, or fuse (for the circuit you wish to control).  This is easiest at the DC power distribution panel (breaker panel).  Simply connect power "in" from the panel, and power "out" to the devices that need 12VDC. No need to modify other wiring, or switches.

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