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Aqua Signal Bi-Color LED Replacement Bulb

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  • Aqua Signal Bi Color Bulb
  • LED Bi-Color Bulb for Aqua Signal
  • Color Coordinated Red and Green LEDs


This is a bi-color 225° LED bulb made specifically to replace the original 25W 90002, 9040000200, and  9040000300 bulbs in the Aqua Signal Series 41 bulkhead style navigation lights, while giving increased light output, a longer life, and saving you nearly 85% of the power.

This 48-LED high-output 4W LED bulb features red and green LEDs which are specifically aligned with the Aqua Signal 41 socket to give you 112.5° sectors alignment for red (port) and green (starboard).  In other words, it is a drop in replacement for the Aqua Signal 41 fixture.

The Aqua Signal Series 41 fixture has the BAY15d bayonet (offset pin type) socket facing down, and the bulb is inserted in an inverted orientation. A colored lens transmits respectively colored light at nearly 100% efficiency, so this bi-colored LED replacement offers the highest output, far exceeding the transmission possible with a normal white light.  For more information see our white paper on this subject here.

This bulb has 48 of the latest high-output 2835-type LEDs and a constant-current chipset, which regulates the current to the LEDs, regardless of input voltage (from 10-30VDC). The bulb is not polarity sensitive, so can be wired in either polarity.

  • Size:32mm x 50mm
  • LED QTY: 48 pcs
  • Power: 4 W
  • Amperage:0.33 Amps
  • Input Voltage: DC10-30V (12V and 24V)
  • Exceeds 3nm Visibility

This bulb is guaranteed to outperform your original bulb in output, visibility, and life, or your money back.


PUTTING TO BED THE INTERNET MYTHS:  The USCG, COLREG and EU test agencies do not certify LED light bulbs, and can only certify that a specific fixture complete with a specific light source meets the requirements. While there no USCG requirement what-so-ever for the end-user to use certified fixtures on-board, our bulbs are the brightest LED replacement bulbs available, and will easily meet visibility requirements for yachts up to 65 feet.  They don't have a USCG certification as stand-alone bulbs, or within any specific fixtures. These bulbs have not been tested in your specific fixtures, and we have no control over how you may use this product. Therefore, it must be the user's decision alone whether to use this product to retrofit existing fixtures which will be used for navigation.

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3 Reviews

  • 5
    Very clever

    Posted by Benoit on 26th Jul 2019

    My boat had only one mast head mooring light, now there is everything! It works perfect. Congratulations.

  • 5
    Save 15-20 amp hours a night!

    Posted by John B on 17th Jan 2018

    This went right in on my first trip up the mast. It's quite bright and draws only 0.3 to 0.4 amps. My old incandescent drew 2 amps. On an overnight sail, that's almost 20 amp hours, which is 40% of a usable battery! What a great improvement.

  • 5
    Easy upgrade for 30 year old bow light

    Posted by Matt Geiger on 11th May 2017

    I recently acquired a 1986 Beneteau 305. I wanted to try LED for less draw on the batteries and greater visibility. The fact that it has red and green LEDs solves the issue of white leds blowing out the color in a single bulb bow light. Looks like quality construction. The light output is impressive.

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