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3W Touch Dim LED Surface Mount Light w/ Red or Blue Nightlight

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  • Round 4" Touch Lamp with Dimming and blue night-light
  • 3W Touch Dim LED Surface Mount Light w/ Red or Blue Nightlight
  • Round LED Panel Dome Light
  • 3W Touch Dim LED Surface Mount Light w/ Red or Blue Nightlight


This 4" super-slim and super-bright LED fixture is meant for wall or ceiling mounting in your boat or RV.   It features a built-in blue LED night light and includes capacitive touch-switch dimming.  

It works great in ceiling or wall mount applications in boats, RVs, and other 12VDC applications.   It uses only 3W, but puts out 250 lumens, which is the equivalent of a 20 - 25W  incandescent fixture.   It also has an integrated memory pre-set dimmer built-in, so you can dial in the perfect brightness for your application.

It is uniquely constructed, and corrosion proof.  The 6 high-powered warm white LEDs are mounted to a thermally-efficient aluminum back panel, and then sandwiched between two lexan panels.  This allows the chrome finish, and the LED's diffuser panels, to be fully protected and non-corrosive.  It also makes these fixtures easy to clean and care for.  There are no clips, panels or moving parts.  Built to last.

These stylish fixtures, with their supplemental edge-lighting,  impart a modern and elegant look on board.  The Lexan panel acts as a light pipe, like a fiber-optic, and projects light through the edges of the fixture also.  This feature gives the fixture an elegant backlighting effect by creating a halo of soft light around the fixture.   A soft glowing blue mode makes for a perfect, and stunning, night-light.

How does it operate?

It has several modes, which are activated by a touch of the center capacitive touch-switch.   The first touch activates the LED night-light mode which bathes your cabin with a low level blue glow.  The next touch turns on the warm white LEDs, which are dimmable up or down by holding the switch until you reach your brightness level.  Another touch of the switch turns the lamp off completely.

How is it mounted?

It is surface mounted using the 3 included screws, which fit through the face of the lamp grommets, and are then covered by 3 snap-in beauty-covers.  Connect it to 12VDC power, and you are done.

The fixture is simply mounted using three (3) screws (included).   The kit also includes 6" of wire and  three (3) white plastic snap-on screw covers. 


  • Chrome and Lexan
  • Warm White Light with Blue night-light
  • Touch Dimming
  • Output 250 Lumens
  • 0.25A at full brightness
  • 0.02A in night-light mode
  • 6" wiring connection
  • Diameter 4" (100mm)
  • Thickness 0.43" (10 mm)
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