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Wireless Energy Harvesting Switching & Dimming System

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Marinebeam is excited to offer our new 12VDC/24VDC LED wireless energy-harvesting Switching & Dimming System. 100% Batteryless and wireless!

Imagine a plug-and-play wireless switching and dimming system for your boat, RV or motorhome that allows you to put switches anywhere in the boat without any wiring going to the switch. This system gives you full resolution LED dimming and switching with simple to install wireless switches.

The high-quality rocker switches are enabled with EnOcean energy harvesting switch technology, which uses the energy created by your finger pushing the button to send a wireless signal to the remote receiver module. There are no batteries or wires required.

The single-channel receiver hooks up minutes with 12VDC or 24VDC power. It has a 5 Amp capacity, so it can support up to 20 of our LED lights. It can connect to your existing wiring circuit right at your DC power distribution panel, or at any point in your existing lighting circuit. You can then mount the switch wherever you need it. On the wall, or on the bedside table. Multiple switches on one module are not a problem.

To install it, you simply wire the receiver to the 12VDC or 24VDC power that now goes to the lighting circuit that you wish to control. The switches are then paired with the receiver using a simple learning routine. Because the switches are addressable, one receiver module can support and memorize up to 25 switches in different locations throughout the boat (up to 100' away). This module can also be used to add another switch to an existing system. This is convenient if you want to move a switch without having to rewire, or if you really wish there was a second (or third) switch to operate the lights from a different location.

With this module you can have remote dimming and switching in just a few minutes. The switching system includes the 5A single-channel receiver, and a single wireless switch (white Euro style as shown). Additional switches available at $69.95 each. Receiver dimensions: 2.9" (W) x 1.3" (H) x 0.67" (D) Euro switch dimensions: 3.16" x 3.16" x 0.40" Call us with questions, or to add additional switches. Stay tuned for more info soon.

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