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Wind Generator Stop Switch - SPDT On/On

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  • Marine Kinetix Wind Generator  Stop Switch (SPDT)
  • Wiring the stop switch to the Marine Kinetix Controller


This heavy-duty stop switch can be used in conjunction with the Marinekinetix MK450 wind generator to manually brake the rotor blades. 

Note:  The current MK4+ wind generator controller already includes a built-in stop switch on the controller.  However, if you wish to add an additional remotely located stop switch, you can use this switch to do that.  Be sure to consult the wiring diagrams for proper installation. 

This is a Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT), which is used in conjunction with the Marinekinetix charge controller. 

With the switch in the first ON (up) position, it connects the controller to the battery bank for normal charging. In the second ON (down) position, it activates the generator's back-EMF safety brake by shorting the controller outputs (while simultaneously disconnecting the controller from the battery bank).   This switch does not have a center OFF position like many SPDT switches.   It is an ON-ON switch.

While generally a stop switch is not required with the MK450 or the MK4+ due to the smart controller, it is offered as an option for those that wish to stop the generator manually using a remotely located switch.


Please contact us for additional information.

  • Switch Actuation Style: Toggle
  • Circuit Activation: Constant
  • Pole: Single
  • Throw: Double (On-Off-On)
  • Lighted: No
  • Safety Cover: No
  • Terminal Type: Screw
  • Labeled: No
  • Weatherproof Sealed: No
  • Wiring Included: No
  • Relay Included: No
  • Switch Material: Steel
  • Switch Finish: Chrome
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