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Sea-Tags Man Overboard MOB Bluetooth Wristband for Smartphones

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  • Sea-Tags Man Overboard MOB Bluetooth Wristband for Smartphones
  • Sea-Tags Man Overboard MOB Bluetooth Wristband for Smartphones
  • Sea-Tags Man Overboard MOB Bluetooth Wristband for Smartphones
  • Sea-Tags Man Overboard MOB Bluetooth Wristband for Smartphones
  • Sea-Tags Man Overboard MOB Bluetooth Wristband for Smartphones
  • Sea-Tags Man Overboard MOB Bluetooth Wristband for Smartphones
  • Sea-Tag Man Over Board (MOB) Alarm Wristband for Smartphones


A simple and affordable Man Overboard alarm wristband that pairs with a free app on your smartphone or tablet, and may well save your life, or the life of a loved one.   Pinpoints the location of the spot where the MOB occured.

METS Dame Innovation Award Winner

The Sea-Tags wristbands work by transmitting an enhanced power-saving bluetooth signal that is continually monitored by one or more smartphones (or tablets) that are paired with the free downloadable application. If a wristband is immersed in water, or gets out of range, the signal is interrupted and the smartphone(s) trigger an alarm, while simultaneously recording the GPS position at the time of the incident.  It then provides the rescuer with a heading and distance to help recover the the man over board.  It is simple to use, affordable, and ideal for cruising couples, fisherman and children.

Navigate safely and securely with the Sea-Tags wristband and its free app. Your smartphone or tablet will alert you if a paired Sea-Tags user falls over board, and it gives you the heading and distance to help you recover the man over board.

General Description

  • Wireless man over board (MOB) detection alarm operating on Bluetooth BLE (low energy consumption) technology.
  • Each Sea Tags wristband can be synced to each crew members smart device (mobile phone/tablet etc.).
  • Easy single press button for turning on and off.
  • IP67 waterproof.
  • Free mobile application available to sync each wristband to compatible devices by simply scanning the QR code on the bottom of the tag whilst in the app (Apple store & Google Play).
  • Sea Tags can be monitored by several smart phones or tablets, ideal for watching over children.
  • Emits a signal every four seconds to ascertain crew members location
  • Up to 600 hours of continuous transmission with new battery
  • Up to 100m transmission range in open space.
  • Should a man over board situation occur, every synced device will immediately set off as an alarm and indicate the last know position and a way point to that position.
  • Alarm is triggered by either water immersion or signal interruption (extended distance) from crew.
  • Comfortable silicon wristband design with removable tag so that it does not have to be worn as a wristband. Complete with multiple sizing wrist strap and toggle.
  • Removable battery case for easy battery replacement.
  • Can be set up to use mobile network signal for 'Solo' navigation (coverage required)


  • Width: 36mm
  • Length: 32mm
  • Thickness: 9mm
  • Weight: 13g
  • Battery: CR2032 - 3 volts - Available most anywhere
  • Autonomy: (continuous emission): 600 hours
  • Emission range: 100m in open space
  • Emission frequency: 4 per second
  • Sealing: IP67
  • Works with Bluetooth BLE technology
  • Certification: CE, FCC & IC

The Sea-Tags wristbands continuously send a signal to one or more smartphones equipped with the Sea-Tags app. When a device is submerged, the communication is lost and all phones currently monitoring it will trigger an alarm and save their GPS position at the time of the incident.

Additionally, it is possible to configure the app in order to send a text message to an Emergency contact (friend or family). If a MOB alarm is triggered, the smartphone left on board, will send a text message to the Emergency contact with the GPS position of the boat when the signal was lost. The emergency contact can then lift any doubt by calling, and if needed, he can contact emergency services and give them the last known GPS location.

After an alarm is triggered, the Sea-Tags app continuously displays the boat position, as well as the direction and distance that separates it from the point where the communication with the device was first lost. The app also include a manual MOB alert and allows the user to easily contact emergency services.

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