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Scheiber SFSP MultiBloc Lighting Module

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Scheiber SFSP wireless switching Master Lighting Module with ENOCEAN transceiver.

NOTE: This product can be purchased as a replacement part for an existing system, or as a complete lighting control solution for new installations with optional wireless switches, lighting, etc.  Please contact us for recommendations.

Many of the modern European boats now come standard with the Scheiber MULTIBLOC DC Network. This includes Lagoon, Beneteau, Jeanneau, Monte Carlo, Prestige, Dufour, Wasquiez, and CNB.

Marinebeam can now replace 41.72101 (European 878MHz), 41.72100 (N. America 315MHz), or specialized Lagoon model 41.72100.11. This device is a suitable replacement for the Scheiber SFSP Master Module.  We also now carry the newest 2.4GHz version, and its associated components.  Contact us for special requirements.

Expansion slave modules, which can add additional lighting outputs, and other frequencies are also available.  Contact us for details or ordering.

Marinebeam can order any Scheiber MULTIBLOC parts, including sensors, cables, modules, switches, etc.

Specifications for the Master Module shown:

  • Six DC output connectors (+ and -) for 6 individually controlled LED lamp channels.  Current-sensing protected electronically for 5A (max) per channel.
  • Each of the 6 outputs is dimmable separately by its paired switches from 20 to 100%.
  • One 6 pin connector for 4 logic inputs active to ground and one analog coding input.
  • One of the outputs can be set to switch on the six outputs directly (Bypass).
  • One four pin connector for power supply and daisy-chaining of power supply to other Modules .
  • Two 6 pin connectors for the CAN connection to the MULTIBLOC Network.
  • One LEARN switch, and one CLEAR switch for direct pairing programming.
  • Up to 128 ENOCEAN switches can be paired to a Module.
  • The MASTER Module can be driven by almost all kind of ENOCEAN Sensors (door switch, light sensor, temperature sensor, presence sensor).


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