R27 LED Bulb Selection Guide

Marinebeam is now offering complete replacement kits for specific Ranger models to make it easy for owners to upgrade their existing fixtures to energy-efficient LED lighting.

If you are the typical Ranger owner that likes to gunkhole or anchor out on occasion, these kit are made for you. Your electric demand for lighting will be reduced by approximately 85%, while you enjoy brighter and much longer-lasting light output. See the chart below to help you make your selection for Ranger R27 LED replacement bulbs.

      Links:                   FS-44-30B CW  FS-42-30C CW SP-G4-10 WW  BA-1142-SM WW  WG-T10-15 NOTE: The bayonet bulb BA-1142-SM WW listed above for the Salon fixtures is a Double-Contact BA15D Base. Please be sure to choose the Double-Contact option from the drop-down menu when ordering.