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Marine Wind Generator Mounting Pole Hardware Kit

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  • Our mast hardware kit shown in conjunction with our optional  9" sectional pole, and customer-supplied 7/8" support stay tubing.  (Compliments of Kevin Hiscox on Mat-Lau III)
  • Shown here are all of the wind generator pole mount components that are included in this kit - all hardware is 316 SS.
  • Pole mount example using our kit
  • The hinged base-mount allows the pole to be pivoted down for access to the wind generator
  • A typical pole mount setup and location - courtesy of Hayden on Island Spirit
  • Mast base dimensions - wind generator mounting kit


This MarineKinetix wind generator pole mount kit includes the 316 Stainless Steel hardware you need to pole-mount a small wind turbine to your boat using your own mast and two 7/8" tube stays.  

This kit includes all of the hardware, minus the tubing and the screws or bolts you will use to fasten the mounts to your specific deck.

It features a hinged rubber isolator anti-vibration mount, which can pivot down for easy generator maintenance and access.  This design also allows it to easily mount to sloped transom surfaces or to sugar scoop sterns. 

Rather than using cheap zinc bimini top and plumbing hardware like other more expensive kits, this Marine Kinetix mount has CNC machined 316 stainless steel purpose-built fittings, which should last a lifetime.  The Mast saddles are also rubber-isolated, heavy-duty, and designed specifically for this application.


  • Purpose built and extra stout hardware, not cheap zinc bimini top parts and plumbing fittings
  • 316 SS vs typical 304 SS
  • Rubber Isolated base and saddle straps - reduces vibration, noise and corrosion
  • Wiring thru-hole in the base for running wires without drilling

NOTE: You must supply the 1.9" OD Mast (1.5" schedule 40 stainless steel pipe or 48-50mm tubing) and two 7/8" (0.049" Wall) SS tubes for the stays.  Aluminum pipe/tubing can also be used.  We recommend a 9' to 12' tall mast.  The pole should be high enough to avoid contact with anyone or anything on board - ever.

To mount your wind generator using this system, you typically mount the base bracket on a corner of the stern or on the transom, with the stays 90° apart.  The stay saddle strap is mounted about 8" lower than the lowest point of the arc of the blades, with the stays then landing on the deck at a 30°- 60° angle to the Mast.  This provides a super strong and stable mount.  

We also now offer a 3-piece modular mast kit which can be shipped anywhere by UPS, FedEx, etc.  


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1 Review

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    Both the generator and the mast kit are excellent. In addition, the generator is very quiet

    Posted by Thomas Miller on 12th Oct 2019

    I need to purchase some extra mast straps. Please get back to me

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