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Galvanic Corrosion Inhibitor - 3.5 oz. Squeeze Tube

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  • Marine Corrosion Protection
  • Avoid corrosion like this


Marine anti-corrosion prevention.  Prevents corrosion between dissimilar metals.

Great for preventing corrosion and galling of fasteners and rigging.  

If you have ever mounted stainless steel and aluminum parts together in a salt-water environment, you have likely experienced galvanic corrosion. When the two metals react, they can virtually weld themselves together, as the less-noble metal (the aluminum) sacrifices itself to the stainless steel.

The traditional methods for preventing this corrosion include nylon washers, barrier tapes, greases, lanolin (lanocote, Tef-Gel, etc.), and other various forms of sealants.  All of these products basically just try to isolate the materials from one another, or they just seal moisture out temporarily. The developers of Eck have taken a more scientific approach to solving this problem. They have a created a zinc-rich proprietary chemistry which actually prevents the corrosion itself, not only by providing a barrier between the dissimilar metal, and sealing out moisture, but also by absorbing the energy normally created by a dissimilar metal reaction.


This product is not only suitable for nuts, bolts, mast fittings, deck gear, and rigging, but it also works great for electrical connections due to its high dielectric properties. Once applied, the coating does not need to be reapplied during routine maintenance, and it doesn't stain the metals like some products.

  • Prevents corrosion of any metal
  • Keeps paint from blistering from electrolysis
  • Dielectric - protects electrical connections
  • Works as an anti-seize compound, and lubricates
  • Never dries, and won't crack or peel off
  • Easy to apply and cleans up easily
  • Keeps moisture out of unwanted area
  • Contains no silicones
  • Safe with all metals, rubber and plastics
  • Fully compatible with thread sealants (Loctite®)
  • INEXPENSIVE, and a little goes a long way
  • It has hundreds of uses on board
  • Keeps turnbuckles, hinges, and anchor-shackles free
  • Great for mounting fittings to aluminum masts and booms
  • Use on outboard mounts, tilt-and-trim mechanism, etc.


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