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Cristec Ypower Remote Display for Battery Charger

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  • Color Touch Screen Remote Display
  • Engine Starter Battery  in Float Mode
  • Monitors 3 Battery Banks, including battery compartment temperature.
  • Monitors AC Grid Voltage and Frequency
  • Example Setup Screen


Cristec remote display panel for YPower line of battery chargers.  Connects to Cristec YPower Battery Chargers (Gen N6 and above) to provide monitoring and display of the Battery Charger modes, data, alarms, etc.). 

These are typically mounted on a bulkhead or panel near the nav station with other displays, and allows a convenient remote touchscreen interface for monitoring the battery banks, charging status, and AC feed quality, as well as communicate visual and acoustic alarms to the user.  Must be used with Cristec YPower N6 or higher battery chargers.

A sophisticated monitor which uses a LIN (Local Interconnect Network) Bus protocol for single wire data transmission.  Allows monitoring and alarms for up to three battey banks.

Data presented on touch screen:

  • Battery voltage for up to 3 banks (e.g. Engine Starter, House, and Windlass/Thruster, etc)
  • Charger current (when battery is charging via AC connection)
  • Charger Mode (Boost, absorption, float)
  • Battery compartment temperature (if optional temperature probe mounted)
  • AC input voltage and frequency (Monitors and displays AC quality with alarms)
  • Alarms (user adjustable)

The system will monitor data in realtime, and will automatically trigger acoustic and visual alarms for:

  • Low battery voltage (up to 3 banks)
  • High battery voltage (up to 3 banks)
  • Over-temperature in battery room (if optional temperature probe mounted)
  • Low AC input voltage
  • Low AC input frequency

The screen brightness is adjustable: night/day modes.


  • Color Touchscreen
  • LIN Bus Interface board (mates to internal charger port)
  • 5M of electrical cable
  • Terminals for connection

Language configurable (English, French, German and Spanish)

Note: The color touchscreen option is available only on version N6 or later YPower chargers.  Ordering together with charger will guarantee compatibilty.

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