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Cristec 2-in-1 Shore Power 25A Charger

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Cristec's new YPower Shore Power Unit is a 5-stage 12VDC battery charger with built-in AC power distribution and circuit protection! Now a single device accommodates your AC circuit and ground-fault protection, as well as your battery isolation and charging functions.  Dual AC breakers also protect you in case of reverse-polarity on the incoming AC line.

Compatible with all 12V battery chemistries, including VRLA, Gel Lithium, Calcium, etc. (with user configurable settings, and with BMS in the case of Lithium)

Most boats today have an AC input from the shore power connection that is routed to the main AC breaker panel with its individual circuit protection breakers. From that panel, the AC power is typically then routed to the battery-charger input, which converts the AC power into low-voltage DC charging power. The DC power is then routed to a separate DC breaker panel.  The power then goes through multiple battery switches or battery isolators and then out to the individual batteries or battery banks. The typical boat has neither neutral side breakers, nor ground-fault protection. 

Starting from scratch involves a whole lot of head scratching, lots of real-estate for panel mounting, and days of wiring and crimping.  The Cristec Shore Power Charger makes things simpler by building in the circuit protection, ground fault protection, battery charging, and battery isolation into one box. This saves time and wiring complications for the installer. If you are looking to save big while upgrading the boat to the latest technology, contact us about the Shore Power Charger (also available in 16A and 40A versions).

This unit accepts AC shore power from 90-265 VAC (47-65Hz), passes it through a main 16A/30mA differential automatic RCD/ELCI residual current sensing device, and then distributes it out into 3 separate AC circuits with 10A protection via 3 DPN miniature breakers. It also has a YPower 5-stage 25A automatic battery charger and a 3-output MOSFET battery isolator built-in. The battery charger is also a DC power supply that can be configured for 7 battery types (including lithium-based) or provide stabilized DC power even if there are no batteries currently installed.


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