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Beneteau Running Light/Deck Light Combo

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  • Beneteau USCG Certified Mast/Deck Light
  • Mast mounted LED light for Beneteau Oceanis
  • Shown on Beneteau Oceanis 38
  • Beneteau combo bi-color deck light
  • Our lamp replaces this lamp on late model Beneteau Oceanis with mast mounted bi-color navigation light
  • Beneteau Running Light/Deck Light Combo


This unique combination LED bi-color navigation and deck light is made especially for late model Beneteau Oceanis sailboats that currently have a mid-mast mounted red/green navigation light, but no deck light. 

It features a USGC-Certified 2NM Port/Starboard bi-color LED running light and a super-bright 4W LED foredeck light.

This high quality LED fixture allows the user to replace the navigation light with a better LED lamp that includes a bright 4W LED foredeck light.  If you own a late model Beneteau and are in need of an LED deck light, this lamp is for you.

This lamp is designed to be mast-mounted to a wide variety of mast profiles using the flexible mounting "wings" which envelop the mast.  Installs simply with two screws or rivets.  This is a 3-wire lamp, with a common ground and 2 power wires for individual switching of the bi-color and the deck light.  Includes approx. 11" of tinned wire for connection to your circuit.

We created this light at the request of one of Beneteau's West Coast commissioning agents that was annoyed that there was no longer a deck light option from Beneteau for the boats rigged with the odd mast-mounted nav light setup.  He now mounts one on every boat with this configuration, and the customer's love the big improvement.

  • 10-33VDC input
  • 0.40 Amps at 12VDC
  • 2W LED Bi-Color
  • 4W LED Deck Light
  • 5.6" High x 3" Wide (7.7" inc wings) x 2.4" Deep
  • USCG/COLREG/CE ABYC A-16 Certified
  • EN and CE Compliant for RF Interference
  • IP67 Ingress Protection (fully waterproof)
  • For sailing vessels up to 20M (65 ft)
  • Fits a wide variety of mast profiles
  • The bright 4W LED deck light is equivalent to 35W of incandescent light.

For those curious about the setup, Beneteau is now mounting a mid-mast bi-color red/green navigation light where the masthead steaming light (or combo foredeck light) would normally be.  The bi-color lamp, along with the all-around anchor light mounted at the mast top, are lit only when steaming (under power).  This accomplishes the required lighting for a motor craft under power.  When sailing, the mid-mast mounted bi-color is extinguished, and a tri-color at the mast top is illuminated.  This setup eliminates a separate stern light completely.

Because boats with this configuration have no masthead steaming light on the mid-mast, there are no products available (until now) that they can use as a combo deck light.




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