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6-Way Terminal Blocks - The Stackable Terminal Strips

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  • Spade terminal power strip block
  • PRICED EACH- Photo shows 3 pieces stacked
  • Saves space by allowing vertical stacking.  Example of terminal strip use on boat
  • 0E1460-1  One-to-one barrier strip, for making 1 to 1 connections (x6)
  • 0E1460-2  Two-to-two terminal block, for making pairs of common connections
  • 0E1460-3  Three-to-three strip, for making 3-up  (x2) common connections
  • 0E1460-4  6-up common connections - bus bar


Scheiber Stackable 6-Way Terminal Blocks - The intelligent way to wire.

Priced Individually

Developed by Scheiber for a large OEM boat builder that wanted to have maximum wiring flexibility in a minimum amount of space, these terminals strips are unlike any others that we have seen on the market.  They are used with 1/4" (6.35mm) insulated or non-insulated Spade connectors , FASTON 6.35mm Blade, etc.).  Generally used for low-voltage DC power distribution up to 20A.  

We came to love these when cleaning up "spaghetti" wiring, or doing installs.  Makes for a really clean and compact installation.

Each of the available strips are 6-way, meaning they have 6 poles in a double row configuration.  Unlike the typical screw terminal strips, there is no need for snap-on covers, tabs, jumpers, etc.  Just order in the configuration that you need.

There are four (4) different versions of this strip available:

  1. Six individually isolated male spades, for one to one connections - a 6-way barrier type strip. 0E1460-1
  2. Three pairs of two common male spade terminals. 0E1460-2
  3. Three-up (x2) common male spade terminals - great for positive (+) and negative (-) DC  distribution. 0E1460-3
  4.  Six common male spade terminals - a busbar effectively.  0E1460-6

 Rated for up to 20A and 250VAC.  High voltage use requires the appropriate safety enclosure(s), etc.

How are they different than typical terminal blocks/strips?

  • Most commercial terminal strips are the screw terminal type, and frankly we sailors tend to drop tiny things down into the bilge.
  • Most screw type strips have mild steel screws.  While flash zinc coated, they begin to corrode almost instantly on a boat.
  • Typical terminal strips are of the barrier type, meaning each pair of connected terminals are completely isolated from all the other pairs.  This is only good for making individual conductor connections. Connecting other terminals (for bus or branching connections) requires acquiring additional jumper strips, or creating unsafe shortcuts.
  • Typical terminal strips are not stackable, and require valuable space to make connections.
  • The Scheiber Strips are made for low-voltage DC, and all connections are made with spade type plug-in connectors.
  • They are made for boats, so are made of corrosion resistant brass and plastic.
  • They are stackable, saving valuable space and allowing creative branch circuits or bus circuits by wiring vertically from stacked strip to stacked strip.  They just screw on or tie wrap together.
  • They feature plug-in spade terminal connections, so it is easy to remove wires for testing, re-routing, and for replacement.  
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