MarineKinetix MK450 Marine Wind Generator

MarineKinetix MK450 Marine Wind Generator
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Product Description

MarineKinetix MK450 Marine Wind Generator
The MarineKinetix Wind Generator.

The MarineKinetix Wind Turbine System is simply the best performing small wind generator system available for marine use. That is quite a boast, considering all the small turbines out there with catchy names, and big advertising budgets, but read on to find out why we believe you'll soon agree.

The MarineKinetix MK450 is a simple to install, hands-off, super-quiet wind-energy production system made especially for the marine environment. This high-output, low start-up-speed system utilizes the best of European wind-science in its design.

In addition to its leading-edge high-output dual-bearing 3-phase permanent magnet generator, it also features world-class aerodynamic efficiency with its carbon-filled aero'coustic rotor blades, which have been optimized for high torque, low rotational inertia, and exceptionally quiet output. These features, coupled with its included "hands-off" microprocessor-based charge-controller, and its exceptionally low yaw-error, make for what we think is the best marine wind generator system on the market. See why below.

The MarineKinetix MK450 wind turbine system is a leap forward in wind turbine science. It makes the intelligent compromise between low-speed start-up and high-speed output, all at a realistic and cost-effective price. It seriously outperforms the Air-X, Air-Breeze, Rutland, KISS, Superwind, and other much more expensive wind systems.

  • Complete 450W Wind System (includes generator and controller)
  • 1300mm Blade Diameter (1.3M) Dimensional Drawing
  • Aero'coustic 20% Carbon-fibre Polymer Blades
  • Super-silent - 35dB at 5M at 10 knots (about the same as a running fridge)
  • Tip Speed Ratio of 4.4 (theoretical optimum for a 3-blade turbine is 4.2)
  • Direct drive, 3-Phase dual-bearing synchronous AC rotor generator
  • Neodymium Iron Boron (Nd2Fe14B) permanent magnet design
  • Available in 12V or 24V designs
  • 5.8 knot cut-in speed (Lowest start-up speed for 450W)
  • Automatic back-EMF braking at full charge (or 40 knots overspeed protection)
  • IU Buck-Boost PWM Charge Control Profile with real-time hysteresis braking
  • Microprocessor controlled auto set-point for AGM, Gel, VRLA, or Flooded batteries
  • Requires no external diode packs, diverters or resistive loads
  • Over-charge, over-current, and automatic over-speed protection
  • Integrated heavy-duty slip-ring, allowing continued >360° rotation
  • Double marine epoxy powder-coat finish with DACROMET self-healing zinc-aluminum under-coat
  • Mounts to 1.5" schedule 40 pipe (1.9" OD), or 48-50mm tubing
  • Simple installation, and user-serviceable components
  • Includes micro-processor charge controller with "At-a-glance" LED charge status and voltage output
  • Fully compatible with existing solar installations
  • 3-year warranty
  • Full tech support by phone with purchase

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The Unique MarineKinetix Technology:

Our solution is a systems-approach to wind-energy production on-board. The MK450 system couples several forward-thinking ideas into one "wind-system" which is easy to install, affordable, and maximizes energy production. We did this by first starting with a low-friction, high-energy-density 3-phase rare-earth magnet rotor design, which came from concepts and materials used in leading-edge green-energy vehicle research. The Neodymium Iron Boron (Nd2Fe14B) permanent magnet rotor uses patented technology licensed from Sumitomo/Hitachi in Japan. This is the same type of PM rotor design used in the AC synchronous motors in the Chevy Volt and other electric vehicles. We coupled that super-efficient machine with a biomimicry-inspired carbon-fiber-filled blade set, which makes for super-quiet performance while improving overall aerodynamic power.

The results are a turbine that outperforms others in start-up speed, output, and noise. While other systems are idle, the MK450 is generating. While other systems are disturbing the peace, the MK450 is virtually silent. While other systems are struggling to charge, the MK450 is topping off.

Real World Results:

Sailors tend to think in Amps and Knots. Many wind generator companies are focused on land-based applications, and give performance charts which are based on "average annual windspeed" or "lab results" or similar jargon which can be confusing to us sailors. Sailors want to know what to expect on a real yacht on real water. So, what kind of performance can you really expect with our unit? Our real world observed figures, below, are taken aboard a 44' sloop, at anchor, with a 400 Amp-Hour battery bank in a discharged state, and a continuous load from various on-board systems:

  •   5 knots - <1 Amp
  • 10 Knots - 7 Amps
  • 15 Knots - 14 Amps
  • 20 Knots - 19 Amps
  • 25 Knots - 24 Amps
  • 30 Knots - 27 Amps

Sometimes it is difficult for customers to believe that a 450W generator can be generating power at such low speeds. Read the following pages to see how it is possible, and view the video below to see how it performs against a much more expensive wind generator at very low wind speeds.

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