Controlling EMI

yhst-54258538930337-2268-4633544.gifThe Marinebeam Constant-Current chipset uses the newest wave-shaping technologies for controlling the current to the LED clusters without creating nasty Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI).

Typical LEDs current-control methods via switch-mode converters can contribute significantly to both conducted and radiated Radio Frequency (RF) emissions, which can interfere with VHF, FM, SSB and GPS radios on board.

This EMI is typically due to manufacturer's using standard LED driver IC's which create sharp spikes in the switching frequency wave-forms, that emit RF into the air, and EMI through the wiring. This problem is compounded by poor design of the typical LED emitter boards, where the traces tend to work as mini-antenna. We address both of these important issues in our LED driver and board design.

Because our LED arrays are meant to be used on boats, where RF interference can be catastrophic, Marinebeam is using the latest technologies to reduce any RF or EMI emissions. With smartphones, airplanes and automobiles now using high-performance LEDs for illumination and backlighting, EMI issues are being addressed more responsibly by the leaders in the industry. Marinebeam is leveraging the newest wave-shaping technologies emerging in these markets to ensure we have great performing low-EMI products for our boats.

The driver’s current accuracy of ±5% and 96% efficiency means it will improve the inter-lamp luminance matching in our LED arrays, meaning a brighter and more consistent lamp.