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Breeze Bandit Wind Scoop Hatch Wind Catcher (BB-01)

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  • Breeze Bandit Wind Scoop Hatch Wind Catcher
  • Easy to mount
  • Three colors to choose from
  • Breeze Bandit Wind Scoop Hatch Wind Catcher (BB-01)


This four-panel wind scoop is unique among boat hatch vent systems in that it is designed to capture the wind and direct it down a deck hatch regardless of wind direction, so it is perfect for catching the slightest breezes when at anchor or at the dock, even when the boat itself is not pointing into the wind.  See the "how it works" video below.

The Breeze Bandit's secret to catching wind is in its four-chamber design.  Its extra-tall profile, its square shape, and the four lightweight nesting low-stretch polyester panels allow the panel which is facing the wind to open fully and funnel the wind directly down below.  Its large surface area and efficient design is much more effective than traditional fixed wind scoop designs, and it can catch the breeze even in fluky conditions where the winds are light and variable. 

Interestingly, this design has actually been around for centuries, having been invented by the British Navy more than 200 years ago to help cool their warships back in the in the days of sail. A full-time cruising friend discovered this exceptional idea in an old British Navy manual, and then modernized the design by using lightweight fabric panels, along with a low-level nylon skirt to more effectively capture wind from even the slightest breeze. It works like a charm, and you'll love it. The Breeze Bandit comes with its own nylon storage pouch, as well as stainless steel snap-on snap-off hardware for easy installation. 

The four sides are piped with a strong 1" webbing.  This webbing has short "tails", which connect to 4 snaps mounted near the corners of your hatch on the boat's ceiling.  Each piece of webbing is continuously double-stitched along two-sides of the Breeze-Bandit (all the way to the top) where it makes a loop before heading down the opposite side.  These two loops clip to a halyard shackle or other line.  A bungee or another short piece of rope is attached to the halyard shackle, and it is fastened to the deck or hatch coaming to prevent the Breeze Bandit from swaying.  Installation is, well...a breeze!

The Breeze Bandit stands 6' tall and fits your boat's square hatch openings up to 21" X 21" or rectangular hatches up to 24" x 18".

Available in "Navy Blue"/White, or Tan/White. Select your color from the drop-down menu above.

The best boat wind scoop wind catcher we have ever seen, at an unbelievable price!

  • Overall Height: 6'
  • Bottom dimension: 17" x 17" plus connection webbing (fits hatches up to 21" square)
  • Scoop Construction: Polyurethane-coated low-stretch 210 Denier polyester (won't stretch, even when wet)
  • Edge Construction: 1" flat polyester webbing, and double zig-zag stitching
  • Skirt Construction: Poly-urethane-coated 190T Nylon Taffeta
  • Mounting Method: 4 stainless steel snaps and screws included 

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2 Reviews

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    Breeze Bandit Wind scoop hatch wind catcher

    Posted by Jvg on 26th Sep 2018

    I am a born sceptic & although I have bought more items than I care to remember on the net this is the first review i have ever given. Does not look out of place on my modern wooden classic.The product is well made and works exactly as it says on the tin. An excellent product.. Having said that the wind seems to collect only beneath the hatch so could do with an interior wind scoop accessory. Also shipping charges to europe are too high, probably could find cheaper in europe.

  • 5
    Effective and installs, stores, and sets up easily

    Posted by Gariveda on 21st Jul 2017

    I install the snaps for this over the forward starboard saloon hatch. Screwed them into the existing ceiling panels using existing screws and holes so they look like their part of the original finish. I placed a new latch on the starboard spreader flag halyard line to hoist it and keep tension on it. This makes it all extremely simple to setup. The whole thing comes down as quickly as I can walk from the spreader to the middle of the saloon and packs into it's bag super easily.

    This breeze bandit provides the extra circulation in the cabin to keep it pleasant in the saloon even on the hottest southern Californian days out at the island. Well worth it.

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