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Marriage Saver Communication Headsets - Stop Yelling!

Marriage Saver Communication Headsets - Stop Yelling!

Posted by Jeff Field on 11th Oct 2019

Full time cruisers and weekend boaters have loved our Marriage Saver full-duplex communication headsets for years.  When we switched from our AM radio-based units to our high-tech and long-range SPH10 units, some folks balked at the price.  So, we now introduce our new My Team Talks Expand headsets, which have the same great functionality and range as the SPH10's, but with simpler controls, and a cheaper price.

My Team Talks headsets are a marine version of Sena's highly successful motorcycle headsets (but you don't have to wear a helmet). These headsets fit securely over the ears, are simple to operate, and are a great addition to any boat.  They eliminate unnecessary shouting, and allow a couple, or crew, to communicate seamlessly with one another as they prepare to anchor, go up the mast, or start a docking maneuver.  Once you have a set of headsets, you'll never go back to yelling or confusing hand signals.

Our important customers are boaters (of course), but also arborists, road crews, coaches, and stage hands.  Headsets are useful in any activity where more than one person wants to communicate for situational awareness, safety, or teamwork.

If you have ever tried to anchor in a crowded harbor, with lots of folks watching, then these headsets are for you!