3M 5200 Sealant and Adhesive Remover

 3M 5200 Sealant and Adhesive Remover
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Product Description

Our new "Un-hesive" is a really interesting and amazing patented product for those of us who have struggled with the impossible task of removing structural type adhesives like 3M 5200.

  • 8 oz. trigger spray bottle
  • Water-based formula
  • Spray it on any cured polyurethane or polysulfide sealants, and minutes later it can be easily removed.
  • Non-flammable and safe on most fiberglass, wood, and metal finishes
  • Un-hesive is not a 3M product, but made to remove 3M adhesives and sealants
  • Unlike other debonding products, it is water-based, and will not contaminate or compromise sealing or bonding when applying new sealants to the cleaned surface.

Additional Product Info:

While the cautions on the label on a tube of 5200 will tell you that it makes a permanent bond, which can only be removed mechanically, this amazing marine formula will actually de-bond the 5200 adhesive by breaking the grip between the 5200 and the surface to which it has been applied.

It just breaks the bond, but does not break down the adhesive material itself, so it can simply be peeled away without damaging the surface, or requiring hours with a chisel and scraper. The other great thing is that it is a water-based solution, that looks, feels, and smells like a mild kitchen cleaner. We know by experience that other so-called de-bonding agents (that come in a tiny 1 oz bottle) just don't perform. They are slimy, smelly, and don't allow the adhesive to be peeled away.

This "Unhesive" will also remove other polyurethane and polysulfide sealants, expanding foam sealants,some glue residues, and even window tint films.

So does it really work? It does! Just a few squirts does it. The only ingredient missing in the bottle is the 20 minutes-worth of patience that is needed for the formula to seep between the joint to work its magic. It debonds as it goes, so if you spray it on and then go have lunch, your job will essentially be done when you return. If you've done these chores the old-fashioned way, you will really appreciate having a bottle of this on-board, or in the garage.

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