High Performance Cristec Hydrogenerator

High Performance HydroGenerator
High Performance HydroGenerator
Item# HG-500
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Product Description

High Performance HydroGenerator
Don't be fooled by the price! This hydrogenerator can make 12,000 Watts per day while passage-making, with no maintenance, no oil changes, or wear and tear on the boat's systems. It has the best payback of any energy device available for modern power-hungry cruising sailboats.

It will drive virtually all the systems on-board, and increase the useable capacity of your battery bank significantly (and/or allow for downsizing the batteries). Once you understand and compare this device to other forms of passage-making power production, you will quickly see that it is truly the best and most efficient solution for generating real energy on-board.

Another innovative product from MarineKinetix, it was developed and tested for the Vendee Globe around the world ocean race on the racing yacht Foncia, by Cristec, a world leader in marine energy, the 500W auto-pitch hydro-generator is a proven performer for high-performance ocean-going and cruising sailboats. Perfect for cruising and racing boats that want 100% energy autonomy without noisy gensets, loads of fuel, or large heavy battery banks. Truly the most affordable, low-maintenance, and green energy available at sea. Now available and stocked in the USA by MarineKinetix.

The serious cruiser can now take advantage of immense amounts of free power when cruising or racing, without measurable speed loss, thanks to Cristec's R&D and ocean testing efforts. Fear no more about running radar, auto-pilot, SSB, GPS, laptops, refrigeration, and other high-draw electrical items aboard when cruising. This hydro-power system creates "hands-off" green, clean, and quiet energy, and can distribute it into multiple energy banks on board. Works with nearly any battery types (lead-acid, AGM, spiral, etc.)

  • Rated power: 500W (12V/40A or 24V/20A)
  • Can charge 3 battery banks simultaneously
  • Speed range: from 3 to 16 knots
  • 3-blade power rotor - pushing type for an optimal efficiency
  • Automatic variable pitch blade set to limit drag, noise and vibration
  • Easy lifting system, using an auto-blocking and non-reversible endless screw
  • Unlimited energy production
  • Includes lifting system and charge controller

  • Our hydrogenerator is a high-performance solution providing more than 500W at 8 knots (44A at 12V or 22A at 24V). It is recommended for race boats, blue-water monohulls, and catamarans.

  • 4.5 knots = 101W
  • 5.5 knots = 157W (the average cruiser needs 120W for full energy autonomy)
  • 6.5 knots = 255W
  • 7.5 knots = 362W
  • 8.0 knots = 530W

  • Imagine, downwind at 5 knots, and from a single source, all of your on-board electronics, lights, and other gadget power-needs are being supplied by the power generated by this device. At 6 knots, the power consumed by your fridge is covered as well, and at 8 knots, all the DC electrics, --aboard even the most power-hungry yacht-- are supplied, and your battery is charging too! Gen-sets, solar panels, wind generators, or fuel cells can't compare with the output.

    You may have seen other designs for generating hydro-power, but none compare in price and performance. First notice that the other cruising designs all seem to have been patterned off of a small electric trolling motor. Indeed, they all have a fixed propeller facing aft, which is the correct direction of propulsion, but not the correct direction of efficient hydro-generation. Facing forward, like a wind generator, is the most efficient, as the rotor blades are facing into the moving water-stream and are not blocked by the motor and housing. This also means that full water flow is achieved regardless of the boat's slip angle; a major advantage. You'll also notice that most other designs use a standard propeller rather than a true rotor blade. Computer simulation resulted in the most effective blade shape, and not surprisingly, it doesn't look much like a standard propulsion propeller.

    The real trick to effective hydro-generation has always been to try to regulate the rotor at the optimum speed to produce the best voltage output. In other competitive designs, the user must pre-select a fixed bladed propeller, which is pitched for their best guess at boat speed. The Cristec unit has a self-adjusting pitch angle, which is based on water pressure, so that the pitch angle is always optimum, regardless of boat speed. It is similar in function to the more exotic hydraulically pitched racing designs, but with a simpler mechanism and a much lower cost.

    Technical characteristics of the generator:

  • Permanent magnet generator
  • 250mm plastic 3-blade variable pitch propeller
  • Coextruded plastic body - cannot corrode
  • Delrin super-slippery blades
  • Shock absorbing breakaway safety device
  • Maintenance free, ceramic seals and oil-filled
  • Height : 42.5"
  • Width : 20"
  • Total weight including the lifting system : 39 lbs.

    Technical characteristics of the on-board charge controller:

  • Selection wheel to choose the battery type (all types)
  • Current-Limited Constant Voltage (IU) Charging
  • 3 isolated battery bank outputs
  • 3 charge state indicator LEDs
  • Various protection modes: polarity reversal, short-circuit, over-temperature, etc.
  • PCB coated with waterproof conformal coating
  • 4 external fixings for vertical or horizontal mounting
  • Dimensions : 212mm x 282mm x 117 mm
  • Weight : 6 lbs.
  • 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty by Cristec.

    Full technical support available.

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