Davis Mega-Light LED Replacement Bulb

Miniature BA9S LED Replacement Bulb
Miniature BA9S LED Replacement Bulb
Item# BA-9S-06

Product Description

Miniature BA9S LED Replacement Bulb
Finally, a BA9S LED replacement bulb for your existing 12V Davis Mega-Light or Chart Lights. This bulb replaces the factory bulb #3330 in all 12V incandescent Davis Mega-Lights. It also works great in 12V Chart Lamps from Hella, Scandvik, and others that use a miniature BA9S 9mm single contact bayonet bulb.

This wonder-bulb features 6 of our newest high-output SMD LEDs, along with our proprietary current-control technology all within the BA9S form-factor.

It is much brighter than the factory incandescent, and burns less than .050 amps at 12V. That is half the draw of the factory low-current bulb, and 6-times less current than their high brightness incandescent.

Choose Cool White if you want the brightest light for use in anchor lights. Choose Warm White if you want a warmer or softer colored light. We now also have Red and Green for small BA9S red and green colored side-lights (nav lights), or chart lamps. Red or Green are great for night vision retention.

The LEDs are positioned to maximize the output using the Mega-Light's double Fresnel lens, and you absolutely will not believe the output. Simple drop-in replacement. Wow!

  • Voltage: 10VDC - 30VDC

  • Wattage: 0.5W (0.040 Amps @ 12V)

  • Lumens: 42 (Cool White)

  • Color Temp: 6000k CW

  • Beam Angle: ~360 Deg.

  • Dimensions: Dia. 11mm x 30.5mm L (incl base)

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