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Marinebeam LED Lighting


Saving Water On Your Boat or RV

Posted by Jeff Field on

Well, if you have had guests aboard, you already know "that guy". He's the one that arrives empty handed, packs a huge hard-sided suitcase, drinks all of your booze, and wastes huge amounts of water.   You can hear that faucet running in the head, and watch the water tank levels dropping. 

Most boat and RV faucets have dual twist handles, which make it especially difficult to conserve water when brushing your teeth, washing up, or getting a quick splash of water at the galley sink. 

Well, the simple little Water Saver from Marinebeam solves this issue, and really makes a huge difference in water usage.  It actually makes using the faucets simpler as well.

We first noticed these decades ago in the public restrooms in Mexico, and thought they were brilliant compared to the unreliable automated sensor faucets we had in the States.  We also thought that they would be great for boats. Water is a scarce resource on-board, and these gizmos are foolproof, no matter if "that guy" is still aboard.  

You simply push your hands against the vertical spring-loaded toggle, and it opens up a valve allowing the water to flow.  Push it further, and get more flow.  A lighter touch gives just a trickle.  Let go, and the valve snaps immediately back into place, and the water stops instantly.  Perfect for lathering up with soap, or when sanitizing your hands after handling raw foods.  You never even need to touch the faucet handles (or dry them back off).  Also minimizes splatter and soap residue around the handles.  It also solves dripping faucets by adding a second water-tight valve after the leaking seal.

Takes just seconds to install.  It consists of a little ball-valve on a toggle which threads right into the end of the faucet. You just remove the original aerator and install the Water-Saver.  Fits almost all standard boat faucets right out of the package, but Marinebeam carries optional adapters for odd-ball faucets and obscure European designs. 

We sell these like crazy at the boatshows, and people return every year to thank us and sing its praises.  It is a product that really sells itself in real life, but is a slow seller on the website.

It is a very low cost boat product that has an immediate payback is water savings.  Pick one up for yourself, or as a Christmas gift for a cruising friend.  You'll be glad you did.

Water Saver for Boats

  • Water saver for boats and RV's

Beneteau's Odd Choice for Navigation Lights

If you have had a look at Beneteau's mid-sized Oceanis line of cruising sailboats lately then you might have noticed something odd about their navigation running light arrangement.  Unfortunately, this arrangement has an annoying problem, but Marinebeam offers a solution.  Read on to find out more.What they have done is mounted a bi-color running light [...]

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Protect your expensive batteries with Voltage Guard

Introducing Voltage Guard, the smart battery protection device from Cristec.  Protects your 12V or 24V battery from severe discharge, and also protects your expensive electronics from over-voltage situations.So simple to hook up, and guaranteed to prevent severe battery discharge, this device is a no brainer.It works by continuously monitoring your battery voltage level, and disconnects [...]

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12V DC Water Maker for Small Boats

What do you do if you have a small cruising boat, without a big generator set, and you want to produce your own water using your 12VDC system? Unfortunately, there aren't many realistic options.  Most reverse osmosis water makers are made for bigger boats, run on 120VAC, and take up large amounts of space.   [...]

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Marinebeam Expanding its USCG Certified Navigation Light Offering

Marinebeam is finalizing its USCG (United States Coast Guard) testing for our new ultra-sleek line of horizontal deck mounted LED navigation lights.  These compact,  economical, and super-efficient LED lights will be not only be great for replacing old worn out incandescent fixtures, but will also be suitable for OEM use on new boats up to [...]

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Marinebeam Long Range Illuminator RLT spotlight is now available!

We know it was a long wait.  Thanks to all of our customers who have been patiently waiting.   Our new  Illuminator RLT long range LED flashlight is finally available! Just in time for the holidays.Just like the previous design, the new Illuminator RLT is amazing boaters, hunters, and flashlight aficionados worldwide, who just can't believe the [...]

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New LED boat lamps rock the Annapolis Show

Marinebeam had another great show in Annapolis where we featured our lastest line of ourYachtSpec LED Fixtures.   The YachtSpec line of LED fixtures for boats were developed for our OEM clients who were looking for high-quality and modern designs, using the latest LED technology, but without the high price.  The OEMs love these European [...]

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New Products from Marinebeam

As always, Marinebeam is working hard to bring you innovative LED lighting and boating products.  Our latest product has been in the works for over a year, and is finally finished.  We partnered again with Pierre Charriere (MarineLED France) and ENSTA (French Naval Labs) to do the technical design and COLREG testing.What is it?We call [...]

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Marinebeam Exhibiting at IBEX 2015

Please visit us at IBEX 2015 taking place in Louisville on September 15-17, 2015.Marinebeam will be highlighting its OEM product lines from Scheiber and Cristec in Booth 947.   Scheiber and Cristec are major European suppliers to Beneteau, Wausquiez, Lagoon, CNB, etc.We will be showing our networked multiplex wiring and control solutions for DC switching, lighting [...]

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Say Goodbye Forever to Expired Flares

NEVER BUY FLARES AGAIN!If you are like us, it seems that every time we turn around it is time to buy expensive flares again.  Worse yet, trying to find flares that haven't been on the shelf for awhile, or have looming expiration dates, is also tough.  Either way, if you are a responsible boater, you [...]

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