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New Products from Marinebeam

New Products from Marinebeam

As always, Marinebeam is working hard to bring you innovative LED lighting and boating products.  Our latest product has been in the works for over a year, and is finally finished.  We partnered again with Pierre Charriere (MarineLED France) and ENSTA (French Naval Labs) to do the technical design and COLREG testing.

What is it?

We call it the Tri-Mode bulb.  Its a micro-processor controlled LED bulb which replaces the original bulb in you 360 degree anchor light, and converts the fixture into a dual-mode all-around LED Anchor light/Tri-color navigation light.  So, rather than having to buy an uber-expensive Tri-Color LED stack light, you simply replace the existing anchor light bulb with our dual mode bulb.  Your anchor light can now be an LED anchor light while anchored, but can also be a tri-color navigation light when sailing offshore at night.  The best part is that there is no additional wiring to run, nor switches to install.  The smarts for switching are based on the timing of the on/off sequence of your existing switch.

It also has an automatic dusk-to-dawn sensing function  in the anchor light mode, which automatically activates the anchor light at dusk and turns it off again at dawn.   Some stack lights also have an emergency zenon strobe, which is very expensive, so we went ahead and built in a strobe as well.   

The light meets all the COLREG visibility, color, and sector angle requirements as a stand-alone bulb, so it can be installed in any clear anchor light fixture and still meet those requirements.

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11th Aug 2016 Jeff

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