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Marinebeam "Magic" Tri-Color LED Navigation Light Bulb - Turns your anchor light into a Tri-Color

Marinebeam "Magic" Tri-Color LED Navigation Light Bulb - Turns your anchor light into a Tri-Color

Posted by Marine Product Reviews on 30th May 2018

Every offshore sailor pines for a mast top mounted tri-color navigation light.  It adds significant distance to the  range that your running lights can be seen, and adds another measure of safety when offshore.  Unfortunately, the boat manufacturers rarely fit one.  Adding one to the mast is normally a big hassle and requires running additional wiring, fuses and switches to accomplish the task.  If you want an LED version, with a strobe, prepare to open your wallet, as most will cost $300 to $750.

All production sailboats already have an all-around "anchor" light at the masthead which is actuated using an existing switch.  What if it were possible to convert that anchor light fixture to an LED tri-color by just replacing the bulb with a drop-in LED replacement?  Further, what if the tri-color feature (or strobe) could be called to duty on demand, using your existing switch?  Well the clever folks at Marinebeam have done it.  

By incorporating a micro-processor into the bulb, the various modes can be called upon by sequentially actuating your existing switch.  No wires to run, no 3-way switches, just a trip up the mast to replace the bulb and you are done.  

This incredible bulb is packed with features, including:

- 12V or 24VDC operation

- Anchor light mode w/ automatic photocell dusk-to-dawn anchor

- Tri-Color mode (Red/Green/White)

- High output strobe (S-O-S)

- RF free design (exceeds EN and CE EMC requirements for marine use)

- Meets visibility, sector, color, horizontal and vertical angle requirements (for sailboats up to 20M)

- Bayonet BAY15d (indexed) or BA15s base

- Built-in orientation feature for alignment of bulb's sector center line to boats center line