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Marinebeam Long Range Illuminator RLT spotlight is now available!

Marinebeam Long Range Illuminator RLT spotlight is now available!

We know it was a long wait.  Thanks to all of our customers who have been patiently waiting.   Our new  Illuminator RLT long range LED flashlight is finally available! Just in time for the holidays.

Just like the previous design, the new Illuminator RLT is amazing boaters, hunters, and flashlight aficionados worldwide, who just can't believe the increadible output, and pencil-like beam, coming from what looks like just an ordinary handheld LED flashlight.  This lamp, with its patented RLT technology, has won every side-by-side comparison test done by boating magazines, online blogs, and flashlight skeptics.  

The flashlight uses Wavien's RLT Recycled Light Technology to increase the brightness of its US made Cree LED by 2 times, while producing a collimated beam with absolutely no wasted spill-over light.   The result is an incredible 4-degree spotlight, with an ANSI FL1 rated beam of over 650 meters.

We designed and hand assemble the Marinebeam Illuminator RLT flashlight right here in South Carolina.  The flashlight's borosilicate optical components are not found in other high output LED flashlights, and are precision aligned to 0.1mm in 3-axes, and performance tested here before shipment.

If you are looking for a pure spotlight beam for illuminating distant objects like crab pots, daymarks, buoys, or for attracting attention, then this is the light for you

This marine spotlight is so good that we offer a 30-day "worth-every-penny" return guarantee. 

16th Dec 2016 Jeff Field

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