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Wireless Wall Switch LED Dimmer and Switching System

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Marinebeam's Add-a-Switch Wireless Wall Dimmer kit allows you to easily set up a wireless switching and dimming system with multiple switches for LED lighting in your boat, RV or home.

What is this system used for?

This system works great for new 12VDC or 24VDC installations and retrofits, especially when you want to add or relocate a switch or switches, or you just don't look forward to rewiring, cutting holes, etc. With this system, there are no new wires to run or switch boxes to add. You can just stick or screw-mount the attractive wireless switches to any flat surface. You simply connect your existing lighting circuit wires to our dimmer control module, and add power. A quick learning routine "trains" the switches, and you are done.

The switch operates on 868Mhz, and gets its power from a single 3V long-life lithium coin-cell battery (included). It is then wirelessly paired with the receiver. The wireless switch saves time and labor by eliminating point-to-point wiring to pair the switch to the LED lights.

The system features a soft ramp-on and ramp-off switching, which is activated by a momentary press of the switch. The switch then uses a press and hold technique for dimming, using the On button to increase brightness, and the Off button for dimming. A memory function always returns the light to their previously set dimming level. A self-sleep mode puts the switches in stand-by mode to conserve the battery life. The switch then re-awakens at the first touch of the switch.

The switches are designed to either be screw-mounted, or stuck to the wall using the super-strong 3M double sided tape that is included with the switch. They can be mounted horizontally (on a bedside table), or vertically (on a wall, panel, or bulkhead). With this system, you can have multiple switches that can control a single bank of LED lights (up to 180W of lights), but you need one receiver for each group or bank of lights that you intend to control separately. The receivers can daisy-chain together power-wise together for separately controlled zones.

When to use this system:

Let's imagine that your current salon lights are activated at the breaker panel. When you come on board it would be nice to be able to activate the lights from the companionway so that you can easily see your way into the boat at night. So, you need a switch at the companionway. Now imagine that you also wish to add a switch in the forward cabin to be able to control the same salon lights from the bedside table when you retire for the evening, or get up in the middle of the night to use the head, or need to quickly get on deck. Doing this the traditional way would take dozens of hours, and hundreds of dollars and require a major rewiring of the boats circuits to be able to accomplish just the 3-way switching. Then if you wanted dimming, you would have to shell out another few hundred for the dimmer, and the special switches. With our Add-a-Switch System, it takes just a few minutes, and there is basically no point-to-point wiring at all. Just attach the lighting circuit and power to the receiver. This is easyily done in a few minutes at the DC panel, because all the wiring terminates there. In just a few seconds the switches are paired to the receiver, and you now have switching and dimming from multiple places without running any additional wiring.

The system also has a power-off memory, which allows you to still use your original breaker switch. So, if the system is turned off using your original switch, it will come back on using your original switch.


  • (1) Dimmer Receiver Module 12VDC-36VDC (in/out)
  • (1) Wireless Switch 868Mhz (with Battery)
  • (1) Installation Instructions


  • Additional Switches
  • Additional Modules (Master or Slave)


  • 12VDC or 24VDC operation (12-36VDC In/Out)
  • Wireless 0-100% dimming and switching
  • No wires, stick or mount to any flat surface
  • Wirelessly control any LED Lights up to 180W
  • Modern European style wireless rocker switches
  • Ivory white glass switch surface
  • Multiple switches allowed per receiver
  • 50 foot wireless range, longer distances with Slave Receivers
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