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Solar Bimini & Cockpit LED Lantern

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  • Portable Solar LED Lantern and USB Power Station
  • Great for camping, decks or parties
  • Included Adapters
  • Includes suction cups for glass attachment
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LED Solar Cockpit/Utility camping lights for boaters, campers, backpackers and RV owners. 

This is a remarkable gadget that we just can't say enough about.   Just toss the rugged and waterproof 12" x 8" solar panel up on the bimini or hardtop, and let it charge by day.  Then enjoy a beautiful evening in the cockpit with plenty of light for playing cards or entertaining, or turn down the brightness for a more cozy or intimate atmosphere.

How is it different than what you may have seen before?

This is a serious power-pack with a serious amount of light, and charging capability, when compared to the chintsy devices that you may have seen on the market. The lithium-ion battery-pack has 4,400mAh of capacity, or enough to re-charge an iPhone or other smartphone 3-times from a single solar charge!   The LED light is a 3W, 300 Lumen lamp, which is equivalent of a 25W household incandescent lamp, and it has 3 brightness levels.   If you are a cruiser in a tropical clime, you may never again need to use your boat's precious  battery power for phone charging

It has the following useful functions that make it great for boaters:

  • Charges anywhere with its incredible and robust waterproof 4W solar panel  (cabin top, bimini top, cockpit, dashboard, etc.), or optional AC charger
  • Ultra-portable, and works great as a hanging bimini cockpit light, locker or lazarette light, etc.  Charges by day, and lights by night.
  • Has a super useful USB power port for charging mobile devices in the cockpit, without running wires, etc.
  • Very bright (300 lumen) 3W LED light, with 3 output setings.  Plenty bright enough to fully illuminate the cockpit or a big 4-person camping tent.
  • Lantern is ready for use as a hanging cockpit  lamp, stand-up table lamp, or as a portable flashlight.
  • Battery charging indicator, and overcharge protection. 

Uses the latest lightweight lithium-polymer batteries, with a capacity of 4400mAh, which can power the lamp for 4 to 12 hours on a full-charge, depending on brightness setting.   Reaches a full charge in 8-hours of full sun.

The set comes with a waterproof solar panel (12" x 8"), an LED lamp with battery, and a USB port and charging adapters for various electronic devices (Mini USB, 3.5mm Male/Female Barrel, 30-Pin Smartphone).   Can also charge iPhones and other devices using your own standard USB charging cord.

  •     Polycrystalline Solar Panel 4W 5.5V with ABS frame with handholds and suction mounts
  •     Three lighting modes (Low, Med., High)
  •     3W - Samsung LEDs with polycarbonate light diffuser
  •     5V USB connector to charge electronic devices.  Also compatible with your USB charging cord that came with your device(s)
  •     Non-proprietary charging adapters (Mini USB, 3.5mm Male/Female Barrel, 30-Pin Smartphone) included
  •     3.7v 4400mah Lithium Polymer battery
  •     4 to 12 hours battery life
  •     300 Lumens (at max setting)


Marinebeam Tech-Guru review:  This isn't some pathetic garden lamp, but rather a very-bright and useful product that can go virtually anywhere.  Terrifically convenient and powerful.   Our tests indicate this lamp is a winner, and exceeded our expectations. Because products like this are really hard to evaluate online, we remind you of our 30-day 100% full satisfaction guarantee.  If you don't find this to be the best solar lantern you've ever owned, send it back!

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