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Navisafe Portable 360° / MOB LED Light for Dinghy or Kayak

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  • Portable LED All-Around Anchor Light
  • Mounted on your hat as a dinghy light!
  • A great LED Kayak Light!
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This 360° white all-around LED navigation light is battery-powered, fully portable, and waterproof.

It has multiple functions, so can operate as a 360° dinghy light, a 135° stern light, a strobe, or emergency MOB light. 360-led.jpg

Its powerful LED lights are certified to meet the USGC 2NM visibility, sector angle, and color space requirements, and they can operate from 12 to 40 hours with 3 AAA alkaline batteries (depending on function mode).

How does it mount?

magnetic.jpgIt can mount to virtually any surface using its powerful double-magnetic mounting base system. This magnetic base plate is a separate piece, which allows the lamp to be mounted anywhere. You can even mount it on canvas or other fabric by placing the magnetic base underneath the fabric. It can also mount by screwing, gluing, or strapping the magnetic mount to any solid surface. The high-powered magnets have a concentrated flux field which is matched to the magnets on the light by magnetic polarity, so the light cannot be misaligned, and it will hold tight with a tenacious grip.

Any motor-driven vessel, regardless of size, which can travel at night at 7 knots or more, is required by Federal Regulations to show a full set of navigation lights. Law enforcement officials around the country, especially in Florida, have been clamping down on violators and levying big fines.

Up until now there has not been a high quality USCG-certified battery powered LED that can easily attach to your dinghy or small watercraft.

Why risk a big fine, and your safety, when these reasonably priced easy to install, and super bright LED lights will solve the problem once and for all?

NOTICE: Depending on your watercraft, and its method of propulsion, you may need this lamp in conjunction with other lamps, like our tri-color/bi-color lamp, to be legal.

Product Specs:

  • Weight: 155g (Unit including batteries)
  • Size: Height: 35mm
  • Diameter: 50mm
  • Water proof: 20 m
  • Batteries: 3 X AAA
  • LED: 16 White LED
  • Switch: Press & hold for 2 sec. to activate light. Press & hold for 2 sec. to deactivate light.

Function Modes:

  • 16 White LED 360° Constant light
  • 16 White LED 360° Flashing light (throw to swimmer in MOB situation)
  • 10 White LED 225° Forward
  • 6 White LED 135° Stern
  • 4 White LED 360° Dim (battery conservation mode)
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2 Reviews

  • 5
    fast shipping from good company item is great

    Posted by al on 24th Feb 2018

    The lights you can see from far away

  • 5
    battery powerd nav lights

    Posted by Al Donatto on 19th Jul 2016

    Another good product. Works as advertise. I like putting it on top of my hat when in the dinghy

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