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LED Tube Customer Feedback

Some recent customer feedback about our LED Fluorescent Replacement Tubes:

Letter #1

Hi Jeff,
It's not often I'm compelled to write someone to praise their products. The quality of many items has dropped in years gone by. But you have a major winner here - and I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your lighting products.
I recently purchased 12 F8T5 and 10 F13T5 marinebeam replacement LED lamps for my 1991 Foretravel U225 motorhome. Half the existing fluorescent fixtures were inoperative, with failed ballasts, and many lamps were burned out. After doing the math, replacing the fluorescents with LEDs is actually cheaper than repairing the existing fluorescent lighting, especially when you consider that spare ballasts and lamps are no longer necessary, and annual relamping becomes a thing of the past. Add in the elimination of RF interference and 1/2 the power consumption, and it becomes a no-brainer. I elected to replace all the interior lighting with marinebeam lamps.
Up front, I'd like to say this conversion has far exceeded my expectations. I am blown away. I get more light from one fixture now then I got with all the fixtures on previously. The difference is truly amazing. Very thrilled with the results. A friend who helped me do the conversion went across the street to see the coach from the outside at night with all the lights on, came back and said "It looks like a UFO!".

I have written up my experiences HERE for reference.

Feel free to use this info any way you wish. I can send you any of the photos posted if you like. I do believe some new customers will be calling soon. :-)
Thank you for making a great product, and thank you for the technical information on your web site. Too much hype and misinformation on LED lighting out there - your site is where many go to get the facts.
Steve Ignasz

Letter #2

Hi Jeff,

Just wanted to shoot you an e-mail and let you know my satisfaction with your Replacement 18" F15T8 LED Tubes I recently purchased from you. They were for a non-marine application of mine. In fact, I don't even own a boat! But I work out of the back of my pickup Canopy a lot. I carry tons of tools and had my canopy made with NO windows for security purposes. I often have to go out and dig around to find a particular bit or other tool a lot. Having a LOT of light is very helpful in finding what I'm looking for. Since 1991 I've had two Thinlite dual F15T8 fixtures back there that provide much better light than the standard incandescent lamps installed in most pickup canopy's. These were a huge improvement back in 1991 when I first installed them.

Even still, there were a few annoyances with them. First - fluorescent tubes are pretty durable, but often times I end up driving up very rough mountain 4WD roads. Over time, the intense vibrations wreak havoc on the tubes.

Second, and most importantly, like all fluorescent lamps, they have very poor light output when cold. I travel the mountains of Oregon a lot - and sub-freezing morning temps are not uncommon. I found that below -10 they would not even come on most of the time. Even in temps like +20 to +30 they are very dim for the first several minutes till they warm up. I've already been using them in +30 temps this week and having full output from the moment I flick the switch is so sweet! Having 4 of your tubes (2 per fixture) is amazing. Almost need sunglasses!

I also really appreciate being able to get these in a high-color temp. Most white LED products are all more in the "warm" range (3,000k) with lots of output in the red/yellow part of the spectrum - that I hate. But for my application, getting a 6150k output is just awsome! Makes it much easier to discern the color bands on a resistor I need out of a bin!

As an electrical engineer I can and do appreciate having actual voltage regulators built into the tubes. The light output is stable even if my batteries are under load and getting low (say around 11 volts) of if my shore charger is running a De-sulfate cycle and it's approaching 16 volts for a few minutes towards the end of the cycle. The engine voltage regulator in my truck (like all modern cars) also compensates it voltage based on temp. Not uncommon in cold winter temps for it to be 14.5+ on cold mornings when the engine is running. Often times, with the Thinlights I could see a difference in light output depending on the input voltage at a given temp. With these - there is no difference.

Finally, dropping the power draw from a total of 5 amps with the fluorescent tubes/ballasts before to 1.7 amps with 4 of your tubes is nice! This means I can leave them on for a few minutes without thinking too much about draw on my batteries.

Of course time will tell about life-span. But even if I had to replace them after a few years, it would be worth it. Actual on time is likely to be less than 20 hours a year... so I'm guessing junction deterioration will not really be an issue in my application. I don't really expect issues with vibration either.

About my only complaint was I found I needed to rotate the pins 90 degrees. There was no paperwork that mentioned how you do that.. just a comment on your website about needed a small jewelers screwdriver. It took me a few minutes to figure out I needed to pry those tiny little caps on the ends loose, remove the small Phillips screw and pull just the end cap portion and rotate. Perhaps throwing a small instruction sheet in the box with these might be a good idea??

Many thanks for a great product!

Joel Cusson

Letter #3

I recently received and installed the High-Line 24" LED Fluorescent Replacement Fixture.  I purchased this item to replace a 2 tube 16 W florescent fixture in my ATV Trailer.  I am absolutely blown away with it’s performance!  The light output is noticeably brighter at half the previous current.  I am now a believer in LED technology!  Thanks.

Russ Bell

Letter #4

  At a rendezvous in Paulsbo (WA) over the labor day weekend with our local power squadron, I was invited onboard one of our members Ranger Tug.  He had converted his boat (29ft) to LED's from your site.  I informed him that I was pulling my hair out trying to find LED strip lights for my old Bayliner Saratoga (26ft.), searching the internet in vain for what I had pictured in my mind  I wanted.  I was tired of the original directional lights that were in the boat, having to move them around every time I was looking for something in a drawer, etc.  He gave me your web site, and low and behold, I found just what I was looking for (your 15" strip light).  I ordered 3 of them from you.  Glad I decided on the soft white instead of the natural, because of the small area of my cabin.  The natural light would have been way too bright.  Two of them I made a nice oak box inclosure (3"Wx2"Hx16.5"L) because I wanted them facing downward over the galley and the dinette, and my existing wiring comes out from the side.  Couldn't have made a better choice.  The boat is now bright and uniformly lit, and because of the low current draw, I no longer have to be concerned about draining the batteries if I decide to have all three on at once when shore power is not available.  I will probably never have to replace the bulbs, not only for the amount of time most of us spend on our non livaboard boats at night, but the quality and specifications you state they are manufactured to on your site.  Thanks for having a product that solved my problem!
Ron Schmolka

Des Moines, WA

Letter #5

    I just installed the 12" warm white LED tube in my boat's ThinLite fixture.  It is several times brighter than the F8T5 cool white florescent tube that it replaced.  I am also delighted with the color from the LED - far better than the blue-white glare of the old tube.  Thanks for an excellent product!
Jim Bethea


Letter #6

Ahoy Jeff,

I was actually going to write to let you know how happy and excited I am with the easy installation and high quality function of the [replacement Circline LED] bulb. The lighting is spectacular and far superior to the original fluorescent.  I will be contacting you for two more after I catch up on all the projects that are nearing completion on this boat.  I have replaced all 12v interior lighting except for two overhead circs that are still working fine.  I will take a couple of photos and send to you...Thanks again for your fast service and thorough follow-up and instruction.  I consider these bulbs a major upgrade.

Captain Mark and First and Only Mate Suzanne