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Automatic Water-Saver for Cruising Boats and RV's

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  • Save water when guests wash their teeth
  • Water saver for boats and RV's
  • Boat and RV faucet water saver
  • Water saving chart for boat faucet
  • Faucet water saver for boats and RVs
  • Automatic Water-Saver for Cruising Boats and RV's



Years ago, we saw these used in the airports in Mexico, and thought they were a clever and simple idea that was so much better than the other "automatic" sensor-based devices. We also immediately saw that these could be used as a significant water-saver on-board; and they are! When brushing teeth, washing hands, or doing dishes this device will literally save gallons of water. It will also keep your faucet handles clean and soap free, and tame a leaky faucet for good.

We've used this type device for more than 15 years, and reckon that it easily saves us more than 50% of our total water usage aboard when cruising. It couldn't be simpler. You just remove the existing aerator from your faucet and screw on the toggle. It fits both internally and externally threaded faucets. You can also pre-adjust your water pressure and temperature, and then use just one finger or the back of your hand to turn the water on and off.

It completely eliminates wasted water, because the water only flows when then the toggle rod is pushed to the side. It can also give you a steady-flow, when you need it to, by just pushing the toggle rod up and giving it a 1/4 turn, which locks it open. You can then use the faucet's control handles to turn the water on and off.

  • Automatically shuts-off the water
  • Repairs and stops drippy/dripping faucets
  • Replaces the aerator on any faucet
  • Easy to install in seconds
  • Works on internally and externally threaded faucets
  • Reduces the spread of germs caused by touching faucet handles
  • Easily pays for itself in months
  • Works using water pressure — no batteries, no electricity
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