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250A Shunt Kit for Cristec Digital Battery Monitor

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  • Cristec 250A/ 100mV shunt
  • Included 10 Meter (30') connection cable


These shunt kits can be added to the Cristec Digital Battery Monitor CR-CPS-3 (JPNUMII-CPS3) to allow the monitoring of a second or third battery, or second or third charging source. A perfect add on to the Cristec battery monitor.  

One of the great features of the Cristec monitor is that your can have up to three "channels" of amperage monitoring.  You can have one shunt monitoring the house bank, and another two shunts monitoring the wind generator and solar panels.  This eliminates the "net amps" problem associated with most monitors.  With multiple shunts you can see the actual amps flowing from each battery bank or charging system.  An additional shunt kit is required for each additional bank (or source) that you wish to monitor.

This shunt can accommodate up to 250A.  A 500A shunt is available by special order.  

The shunt kit includes the modular shunt as well as a 30' RJ11 type plug-in connection cable.



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