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120VAC T8 / T12 Fluorescent Replacement LED Tubes

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120VAC cool white fluorescent replacement LED tubes in 2 foot and 4 foot lengths. Perfect for on-board or home use.

Many yachts use 120VAC fluorescent tubes in the engine room, and customers have been asking for a 120VAC version of our LED tubes that can operate on AC shore power or via generators.

These tubes come in 24" and 48" lengths, and will replace T8 (1"∅) and T12 (1.5"∅) fluorescent tubes with the bi-pin ends. Our tubes can replace either T8 or T12 tubes because our tubes do not operate off of the fluorescent's ballast, and the pin size is identical for both T8 and T12 tubes.

Our tubes are simple to install, and outperform your current 2 ft or 4 ft fluorescent lamps by a wide margin. The 24" tube is 10W and 800 lumens, while the 48" tube is 20W and 1600 lumens. Because LED's do not require the power-hungry ballast that is within your existing fixture, minor rewiring is required and instructions are included.


  • 110V / 120VAC, 50/60Hz
  • 10W (0.09A) or 20W (0.18A) Power Factor >90%
  • 800 or 1600 Lumens
  • 6000°k color temperature
  • Replaces T8 and T12 24" or 48" tubes


- Fit 2' (24 inch) and 4' (48 inch) tube 120VAC fixtures

- Replaces T8 or T12 tubes with bi-pin ends

- It is best to open your fixture and look at the existing ballast. If the diagram printed on the ballast shows two wires coming from each of the "tombstones", then the conversion is simple and should take only a few minutes per fixture.  If the diagram shows just one wire coming from either tombstone, then the conversion is a little bit more involved, and can take longer. Contact us if you have questions.

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