LED Replacement for 12V Circline FC8T9 8" Fluorescent Tube

LED Replacement for 12V Circline FC8T9 8"  Fluorescent Tube
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LED Replacement for 12V Circline FC8T9 8"  Fluorescent Tube
This ultra-bright 120-LED tube is a direct replacement for 12 volt or 24 volt fixtures fitted with 22W FC8T9 8" circular (Circline) fluorescent tubes. While it draws less half the power of the fluorescent, it is much brighter than the original bulb.

Because it is the same size as your original it is easy to replace. It is a simple and easy way to get a much brighter light which starts instantly, even in sub-zero temperatures. It doesn't produce RF interference, or attract bugs the way fluorescents do.

(Inset picture at left shows bulb installed in Thin-Lite 109 fixture)

It is available in Warm White (3000°k) which is the same color as a Soft White fluorescent or Natural White (4100°k), which is the same color as a Natural White fluorescent. Just like with fluorescents, Natural White is brighter than Warm White, but Warm White is recommended for interior use to provide a more natural appearance of colors.

Because LED's do not require a power-hungry ballast, you must bypass the ballast in your existing fixture. This is easy to do, and takes only a few minutes. SEE INSTRUCTION SHEET HERE. With no ballast to constantly fail, and the extra long-life of LED's (>30,000 hours), this is a great investment.

Circline tubes are used in many older boats and RV's, and were used by Irwin, Gulfstar, and Sailmaster Yachts, as well as Wanderlust RV's.

These LED tubes are also a direct replacement for Thin-Lite 109C fixtures, and RGM Industries 9" x 9" fixtures with 8" circular tubes. If your thin-lite or RGM ballast has failed, now is the perfect time to switch to LED.

NOTICE: While the original ballast must be bypassed, it need not be removed. Our bulb includes wire pigtails for a simple retrofit.

  • Size: 8" (203mm) T9
  • Replaces: FC8T9 Circline 22W (in 12VDC or 24VDC fixtures)
  • Input Voltage: 10-30VDC
  • Power Consumption: 11W (0.9A at 12V)
  • Color Temperature: 4100°K (NW)/ 3000°K (WW)
  • Luminous Flux: 1200 (NW)/ 900 (WW)
  • Connector: G10q
  • LED Quantity: 120
  • Beam Angle (FWHM): 120°

    Like all Marinebeam products, this tube has our integrated Constant-Current Chipset, and is not polarity dependent. These lamps use the latest 3014 type LED technology, so they are among the highest efficacy LED chips available today. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

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