LED Replacements for Fluorescent Strip Lighting

LED Tubes and Strips
Marinebeam has developed LED replacements for your existing 9" 12" and 21" T5 fluorescent tubes that run on 12VDC or 24VDC. We also have the popular 12VDC and 24VDC 18" T8 type tube. These bulbs replace the existing F6T5, F8T5 & F13T5 & F15T8 tubes used in most 12V or 24V marine or RV fluorescent strip lights. Like all of our products, these bulbs feature our Constant-Current chipset, so work on either 12VDC or 24VDC (10-30VDC range), and are not polarity-conscious. These previously mentioned types are not for 120VAC home use.

We also now have 24" and 48" T8/T12 tubes for 120VAC on-board or home use. See the 120VAC type below for use with 120VAC power.

All our tubes are much brighter, last longer, and the draw much less power than the original tubes. They also have instant cold-start brightness, regardless of temperature. With no UV output, they won't fade fabrics, discolor the lenses, or attract insects the way fluorescents do. Because they don't need a fluorescent ballast, you can also eliminate the additional current draw by the ballast. Are you still a skeptic? See customer reviews here.

Has your Thin-lite or Aqua Signal ballast failed? Now is a perfect time to upgrade to our replacement LED tubes for about the same cost as replacing the ballast.

We offer the bulb as a replacement, or pre-installed in your choice of fixtures.

To learn more technical information about Marinebeam LED's click here