E26/E27 Edison Medium Screw Base 12VDC, 24VDC or 32VDC LED Bulb

Medium Screw Base E26 E27 LED Bulb 12VDC, 24VDC or 32VDC
Medium Screw Base E26 E27 LED Bulb 12VDC, 24VDC or 32VDC
Item# ED-E26
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Product Description

Medium Screw Base E26 E27 LED Bulb 12VDC, 24VDC or 32VDC
Finally a Constant-Current Warm White medium screw-base Edison style LED bulb that solves the energy problems for boats or RV's with existing 12VDC, 24VDC, or 32VDC incandescent bulbs which have the household style Edison screw base. These are NOT for 120VAC home use

This bulb is perfect for replacing medium screw base E26 (American-type) or E27 (European-type) 12VDC or 24VDC incandescent or CFL bulbs. We also now have a 32V option for those with Hatteras or other yachts using 32V systems.

We offer an A19 globe 4W 18-LED 300 lumen bulb (shown above) or a G60 globe 7W 33-LED 500 lumen bulb (shown in inset at left). The 4W bulb is equal to about 25W of incandescent output, while the 7W bulb is equal to about 45W. Both bulbs feature high-output multi-emitter SMD LED's inside a glass globe, so they are perfect for replacing your DC incandescent bulbs up to 45W. You are guaranteed to be happy with the output, color, and fitment of this bulb.

The color temperature of these lamps is about 2900 - 3000° k, so they have a nice soft-white color similar to incandescents.

The 7W bulbs are now available without the glass globe for tight fixtures, or for those wanting a smaller bulb.

  • Wattage: 4W or 7W

  • Amperage: 0.33 Amp (4W) or 0.56 (7W) at 12VDC

  • Voltage:12VDC (10VDC-18VDC), 24VDC (18-36VDC)

  • Luminous Flux: 300 (4W) or 500 (7W)

  • Beam Angle: 360°

  • Dimensions: 60mm x 140mm (including base)

  • Replaces: E26 or E27* medium Edison base (household-type)

  • Warranty: 2 years

    Fits many Cantalupi and other E26 and E27 wall mounted and table-top fixtures with opaque shades supported by the bulb. Also fits sconce lights and bulk-head articulating lamps.

    *E26 (American) and E27 (European) Edison bases are the same diameter (26.38mm), and only the length of the threaded area is different (26mm vs 27.5mm). Either bulb will interchange perfectly in either type socket.

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