LED Light Solutions for 32V systems (Hatteras, etc)

32V LED lights
Using our simple in-line DC/DC converter, all of Marinebeam's LED bulbs can work with 32VDC sytems found Hatteras Yachts, and other vessels, golf carts, etc. using 32V batteries.

Now it couldn't be simpler to convert your 32V-40V system to LED because our DC/DC converter makes it easy.

Our DC/DC converter is not a step-down transformer, a resistor, or similar. It is a highly-efficient electronic converter that converts your 32-40 volt DC input to a constant 12VDC output.

This modification happens right at your breaker panel and can be completed in about 10 minutes. You simply wire it in-line on the lighting circuit, and you can now convert your existing lights to LED using our drop-in LED bulbs. Can be used to convert just a few lamps, or your whole boat (up to 10A total load).

Our converter is more than 90% efficient, and does not produced RF interference, or ripple, the way other inexpensive converters do. It is fully-waterproof and made especially for the marine environment.

At 120W capacity, it can easily handle more than 45 individual 2.5W interior LEDs. It can also power radios, GPS systems, and other 12VDC electronics (10A max.). 180W unit also available.

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